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  1. I am from the newly formed clan UNR (United Naval Republic). We are a UK + US military based clan that is recuiting, we do machinimas raids custom game training etc, we are chill and accept players of any skill level, we have 1 branch at the moment (infantry) we plan to expand to ODSTs and Spartans as soon as we get enough people. If you are interested in joining message TRAP Odysseus 

    Introduction video: 

  2. I'm making a new clan on Halo 5, it is going to be UK and Military based, name to be decided, i need people who are willing to lead in the clan and to help build the clan. My GT is TRAP Odysseus i have been in the halo community for 3 years and i have experience in leading clans. if you are interested send me a message at TRAP Odysseus or Kik me at: paddy_red

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