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  1. Hello everyone! My name is FluffyColt3532, the SIII Program's army commander/trainer, recruiting on behalf of our main leader Bukshot 101. This is a growing clan that covers Halo Reach and Halo 4, so far. We need more recruits to train!!!


    Before I move on, if you have any questions, see our web page: spartaniiiprogram.weebly.com


    This clan is all about helping comrades out and impacting the community. We take any player looking to be trained that is 12 and up (preferably English speaking and has a mic). We do not care how good or bad you are, or where you come from, every recruit and trainee is valuable, and the worse player you are, the more room we have for improvements, every man deserves a shot in everything. NO DISCRIMINATION!!! And if anyone, and I mean ANYONE, violates your rights, you WILL get justice!!! JUSTICE FOR ALL!!!


    Now, to register for the clan, please visit the "Registration Form" in the home page on the website given above.


    Now, I will leave a copy of the rules and expectations here:


    Rules 1.1 -1.9
    R.1.1: Show respect to your Leaders of all Divisions. (Level 2)
    R.1.2: No fooling around or discouraging other clan mates. (Level 2)
    R.1.3: Learn how to communicate with all members. (especially in combat) (Level 1)
    R.1.4: No trolling others in the clan. (Level 3)
    R.1.5: Show that you want to help the clan by making an effort to help in anyway you can. (Level 2)
    R.1.6: No informing anyone outside of the clan our whereabouts or assisting the enemy with tactical information about us. (If this is found out you will be put on trial.) (Level 4)
    R.1.7: No discrimination of any kind (race, gender, etc.) (Level 3)
    R.1.8: Listen to your leaders orders (Punishment will be given for Disobedience of appropriate orders) (Level 3)
    R.1.9: No favoritism (This includes squad leaders. Treat everyone equally.) (Level 2)
    Rules 2.1-2.4
    R.2.1: No private settings. (no private chat in the middle of a meeting or anywhere in the clan unless you have a really good reason for it. Also friends list must be visible to everyone. (Level 2)
    R.2.2: Always let us know of any suspicions about your fellow soldiers. (If they are spies, enemies, etc. Let your Division leader know as soon as possible) (Level 3)
    R.2.3: No profanity, sarcasm, or hate to others (especially your clan leaders) (Level 4)
    R.2.4: Age limit is 13. 
    R.2.4.Exception: A sibling or family member can be at the youngest 10.  You are to take full responsibility for their actions and behavior. 
    Expectations 1.1-1.9
    E.1.1: Show maximum respect for all the leaders of the clan. (Level 2)
    E.1.2: Show the expected amount of respect to the entirety of the clan. (Level 2)
    E.1.3:  Do not betray the clan. (Level 6)
    E.1.4: All clan leaders and members are putting effort into the clan. (No sitting on your bum.) (Level 2)
    E.1.5: Be a constructive critic. (No discouraging others) (Level 3)
    E.1.6: Members must always listen to leaders orders. (Level 2)
    E.1.7: Make an effort to be friendly to other clans and members. (Act mature)
    E.1.8: Never change required armor, colors, service tags, or emblem unless the request is granted (Level 3)
    E.1.9: Be an active player of the community. 
    Level of Intensity:
    Level 1-Accidental (Warning)
    Level 2- Offensive (Warning)
    Level 3- Intentional (Trial)
    Level 4- Strongly Intentional (Trial)
    Level 5- RAGE (Consequence)
    Level 6- Treason (Released)
    Loss of rank (If you are a spartan you will immediately no longer be one).
    Loss of Privileges
    Being exiled from the clan 


    For more information please visit the website.





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