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Halo: Scout

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Posted 26 October 2017 - 01:45 AM

Hello everyone my name is Brandon and I have a proposal that me and my studio are interested in doing. We are interested in doing a Halo fan animation called "Halo: Scout" of course we are not going to make money off this we are simply doing it for fun and for our love of Halo.


So the idea is to have this take place in New Mombasa and this happens a week later after the events of Halo 3: ODST so it will take place on October 27th 2552. There was a remaining spartan left after the battle of Reach who survived. Due to damage during that tragic accident he lost contact with the UNSC to only wonder Earth for a transmission signal. After wandering for so long he finally got a signal on October 20th 2552 which lead him to travel towards New Mombasa with some hope but once he got their he saw the destruction which filled him with despair. Now his mission is to find a way to contact the UNSC so he can get to main base and plan the next attack on the Covenant. Will he succeed or will he fail and fall with the rest?


Reason For Doing This:
Honestly we love Halo and we aren't trying to mess with the lore to much we just want a reason to do a animation in the Halo universe with cool battles and scenarios. We wanted to do in a way to where it wasn't just some random battles we wanted some depth to it and meaning so we decided to throw together a little story for it which of course is not technically canon but still cool either way.


How Will You Do This:
We plan to use Halo 3: ODST's New Mombasa as the animation area which means for backgrounds we will just take screenshots from ODST and use them as reference to create a lovely painted animated background. Then we will of course animate characters over the backgrounds so it will have a very anime feel to how we will approach this since we will be using the game for assets and references. Once again we are not doing this for any money its simply something fun for us Halo fans.




Animated Poster:
So I just want to clarify that this animated poster is not what the product as a whole will look like we just wanted to put something together quickly just so we can have something to show off.


If you have any questions please ask and sorry if this was posted in the wrong place or is against the rules in any way. Please vote and if we see enough yes answers we will definitely push this project forward. :)

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