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Halo novel plot

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 01:31 AM

Hey guys... I've been a fan of halo since i saw the trailer in 2000 an i wanna write a novel. A legitimate halo novel. My ultimate goal is to get it published. But gotta start small right!?!? Well this is my idea it takes place in 2546 and the whol plot revolves around an marine staff sergeant who is yet to be named and a sanghelli zealot and his squad who was sent to investigate a forerunner instillation similar to the one in halo 2 only this ones on land and not suspended by a tether. The spec ops unit that was sent as an forward expeditionary force has gone silent prompting the use of the zealots skills. Unknown to them the flood got em but they managed to seal off most of the facility except we're covenant forces have it secured. So ONI (nothing good comes from ONI) sends the staff sergant and his squad to see what the covenant have found. Expecting to see action they are only met by the few remaining covenant soldiers. As they go deeper into the facility they run into the flood and later meet the zealot team. They make a temporary alliance to escape. They meet the monitor of that facility and it tells them about the flood. And that he is going to activate the facilities self destruct before the flood can get out. The unlikely allies try to stop him but the monitor will succeed and only 1 will make it out alive.
Can you guys give me some honnest feed back on my plot?

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