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  1. Mike Colter No Longer Voicing Locke in Halo 5:...

    Mike Colter, the previous voice and face of Agent Locke, will no longer be providing his vocal skills for the role, but will retain the image.

    Most people were not impressed with Agent Locke's voice in the Halo 2: Anniversary cutscenes, and it seems 343 Industries took notice of this, and have removed him from a vocal role. This comes from Ike Amadi's Twitter.com and his IMDB.com page, where he has confirmed that he will be doing the voice for Agent Locke, but Mike Colter will still be the physical representation. Rooster Teeth also allegedly live streamed an interview with Ike Amadi, where he talked about his new role. While 343 themselves have not been vocal on the change, multiple sources such as the ones above have confirmed that the famed video game voice actor will be taking Mike's place. Ike Amadi is known for his roles as Javik in Mass Effect 3 and miscellaneous roles in other games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

    View attachment: h5-guardians-render-locke-06-bff830ec21d54c848d419b3a07e3e47f.png

    View attachment: [email protected]@._V1_UY317_CR2,0,214,317_AL_.jpg

    All images and information are sourced from IMDB and Twitter, as well as Rooster Teeth.

  2. Halo 5: Guardians E3 Wrap-Up

    The official Xbox E3 2015 conference has given us a wealth of new details to get excited about for Halo 5: Guardians! Let's dive right in.

    E3 2015 began with a bang as Bonnie Ross, a member of 343 Industries, walked on stage and set up the Halo 5 Story Trailer reveal, found on YouTube.com. The trailer shows Chief hunting something down, as Locke and his team prepare to take him on, receiving begrudging help from the Arbiter and his faction. Buck and Locke speak about the Master Chief and the price that comes with hunting him down, as they are all led to one specific location, to find Chief, the Covenant, and the Guardians. The gameplay footage showed off a new weapon, similar to the Plasma Launcher from Halo Reach, but more compact, as well as team gameplay in action. It also showed just how ruthless Fireteam Osiris is in their efforts to track the Chief down, only being stopped by a large Promethean figure who tells them they are not allowed to enter, unlike the Chief, before the demo ends.

    View attachment: h5singleplayer.png

    Multiplayer is shown off in a brand new BTB style mode called Warzone. This will take place on extremely large maps with 12 v 12 players, along with numerous NPCs. The game seems to begin with you and your team being dropped off in multiple Pelicans unto the battlefield as you fight with an array of weapons and vehicles. The game footage also hints at allied NPCs with marine chatter and red hunters possibly aligned to red team. Along with this, the Mantis seems to be back in action, very similar to it's precursor self. Along with the Mantis, a new Promethean air vehicle was demonstrated, possibly being player driven. The trailer can be seen on Xbox's YouTube.com channel, and is playable at E3.

    View attachment: h5warzone.png

    All information and images are sourced from 343 Industries and Microsoft, shown at E3 2015.

  3. Halo 5 Cover Art Revealed!

    Heart-pounding information is surfacing today as the final cover art for Halo 5: Guardians has been deciphered thanks to a dedicated community.

    In the words of a wise Reddit user, "I WANT TO GET OFF 343S WILD RIDE!" It seems their roller coaster of new plot twists is speeding up with a new cover art photo that was pieced together by the community. Xbox's YouTube.com has a video of the new key art, which in this video, seems more like an animation than anything. The official description on Xbox Wire states that, "We’re proud to release the final cover art for Halo 5: Guardians, including a special video version that highlights the Spartan fireteams that play a crucial role." From the image, it seems Master Chief has partnered with Blue Team, Fred, Linda, and Kelly to chase down whatever they're after on Sangheilios and go rogue. Locke's team is a bit more vague, we know that the far right Spartan is Buck, due to his ODST armour and combat knife, which likely means the other male Spartan is Romeo, since the two were transferred together. The female with the slick looking armour however can either be Tanaka, from Escalation, or Macer, from Nightfall. Xbox Wire tells us to stay tuned for more details on the mysteries of #HUNTtheTRUTH and that during E3, the game will officially premiere.

    View attachment: Halo5_KeyArt_Horiz_Final.jpg

    View attachment: halo5thepredator.jpg

    View attachment: halo5theprey.jpg

    It seems that while the holy lords over at 343 Industries have granted us new details, they have also opened up many loose threads and have inquired more questions. One thing is certain, E3 2015 is going to be massive for Halo fans around the world. What are your thoughts on each team, who do you think is part of Locke's squad? Let me know down below! Thanks for everything Halo fans, keep hunting the truth.

  4. Halo 5: Guardians Live-Action Trailer Revealed...

    A new trailer is up for Halo 5: Guardians that depicts Agent Locke possibly looking to kill the Master Chief. No wait, not possibly, definitely!

    This came so far out of left field I don't even know where to begin. Xbox's YouTube.com channel released our Halo 5: Guardians trailer today, along with a new episode of Hunt the Truth. The trailer shows Locke with his DMR walking through a glassed colony world and confronting the Chief, standing battered and injured against a memorial in his name. Locke chastises and mocks Chief whilst preparing to kill him. He pulls out his pistol, and the trailer ends. This also reveals the release date, October 27th, 2015. As pointed out by Yoshi, the infinity sits in the background, looking a bit battered itself, and it seems this is the same location as a piece of concept art from a while ago. We will get more answers as to why Locke looks to kill Chief later on, but as of right now, Agent Locke sees Chief as a traitor, and he is on the hunt to kill him.

    View attachment: Halo5trailer.png

    What is your opinion on this trailer? I am so pumped personally for October 27th, HALO 5 FTW. Comment below and give me your thoughts! Thanks for reading chaps!

  5. Halo 5: Guardians #HuntTheTruth Teaser Released...

    A new trailer was revealed showcasing what was behind the #HuntTheTruth ad campaign and further increasing our confusion and hype!

    Credits to Self Destruct, Church, and everyone else who helped mine this out as well as P34nut for the first article on Hunt the Truth. On the Tumblr.com link to Hunt the Truth, an ad campaign for Halo 5, people were able to fish out a 15 second video showing someone using a UNSC class Sniper with an oddly shaped penetration bullet to blow away Master Chief's visor and destroy his helmet. On the bullet, things are inscribed, but no one has deciphered them yet, though Church claims the word 'Truth' is on there, so it's possible that it says 'Hunt the Truth'. A tiny burst of the classic Halo monk chant plays ominously as it ends with an Xbox One logo. As far as who is betraying the Chief and attempting to kill him, we are currently unsure, but Locke and his squad (rumored: Buck, Romeo, and Macer) seem unlikely as Locke has stated his goal is to "find out what they are" in reference to his motives for leaving, and Buck and Romeo are both unlikely candidates for betrayal following the events of New Blood. More details are likely to come in the future, but this is leading to a very interesting set of teases following the recent teaser of Locke jumping out of a Pelican on a sandy planet like the elite homeworld.

    View attachment: MCBullet.png

    This is really interesting so far, I'm excited to see where 343i takes this traitor storyline. With all these betrayals to the UNSC from previous operatives, I wonder what sort of Civil War will erupt from this. What do you think of this tease? What are your thoughts on the future? Lemme know below! Thanks for reading!