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  1. Activision Facing A 5% Layoff Despite "Reco...

    The cut in staff is alleged to be about 5% of the workforce, which is monumental after such a carefree conference. Activision Publishing is allegedly the only branch applying these layoffs, with Blizzard and MLG notably not affected. Developers Infinity Ward, Beenox, and Treyarch took the brunt of the hit, with around 20 people laid off at Infinity Ward, the developers of the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare.

    This also comes after Activision’s CEO stated that he felt Infinite Warfare did not resonate with fans, and promised a return to form in 2017. Activision reported a “better-than-expected” fourth quarter, citing record sales numbers. Their line-up for 2017 so far looks precariously slim, with only two main titles, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, gracing the market so far.

    Source: Kotaku.com

  2. Nearly 18,000 Job Layoffs Anticipated at Microsoft

    Microsoft recently announced that unfortunately after the recent acquisition of Nokia, 18,000 employees will be fired and forced into unemployment within the next year, the majority in the Nokia department but some in the Xbox department as well.

    If you hadn't heard, Microsoft recently bought out and adopted the Nokia brand of phones and electronics for 72 Billion USD, and they will be laying off a large amount of employees, though the number wasn't expected to be this large. GameSpot.com reports that Microsoft has revealed that the number is right at 18,000 jobs being affected. About 13,000 of these are in Nokia, but the Xbox Marketing Team will also be affected heavily. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella did say that new jobs would be opened up, not stating how many, and that employees will be offered some basic assistance in finding new employment opportunities. This is the largest layoff event in the history of Microsoft, making about a 14% cut into the total amount of 100,000 or so employees. Investors surprisingly had a positive response in the first hours, however the stock quickly dropped soon after. More details will be made available soon, and I will update the article when we receive news.

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    Leave your response to the layoffs below, and what you think Microsoft should do specifically to help it's laid off employees. Thanks for reading guys, see you next time.