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  1. Halo 5: Warzone Firefight REQ reveal and maps

    Since the beta some time ago alot has changed in Warzone Firefight. The general idea is still there but we can expect a lot of more objectives and bosses to beat. One of these new bosses will be Grunt Goblin the we saw a few days back. You can also expect the difficulty level to ramp up as you progress through rounds. No more easy pickings!

    This update will also bring back a long gone campaign score attack so you can compete with your friends or to try and get a combined record by working together. Taking down enemies with style will fetch you more points than the regular headshot or melee and dying will cost you dearly.

    Next up we have some new maps to play on. Since we didn't really get much with the Hog Wild update map wise we get 2 Warzone maps, 1 Arena map, and a Forge canvas this time around.
    The first Warzone map we'll be taking a look at is the brand new Attack on Sanctum!

    Posted Image

    This map is themed around the Sangheili homeworld and will most likely feature a few of the new bosses instead of your usual legendary vehicle enemy and Warden. I don't know about you but the image above gives me a kind of Blood Gulch feeling.

    The second Warzone map is the Warzone Assault version of Attack on Darkstar and is called Prospect.

    Posted Image

    Although it being a remix, I really don't see the original back in here apart from the theme. This remix is also made with Warzone Firefight in mind so this will probaby be the map to play on.

    The Arena map is also a remix and is a version of The Rig. This map is called Molten!
    Posted Image

    This is the only image of the map I could find at the moment so I can't really tell how the map will play out. I guess we'll have to look forward to the mandotory update livestream prior to release.

    Last up we have the Forge canvas called Tidal

    Posted Image

    Tidal is pretty much a giant rock in the middle of the water with some nooks and cranny's for you to build some smaller maps as well as some large open water for you to build the larger maps. again this is the only image available right now so we'll have to wait and see how it will turn out.

    Now here come the REQs, and there are some cool ones!

    Posted Image

    First up we have the Temple style Covenenant vehicles. They sport a golden/green-ish colour and from the rarity colours might be a step up from the already present ultra variant vehicles. We'll most likely see their effects in the livestream.
    Next up we have the Halo 2 Beam rifle (from which many found death in the Halo 2 Legendary runs...) along with an Alpha and Delta variant. What the effects and deifferences will be from the already available Beam Rifles remains to be seen.
    Another big one is the Wasp UNSC air vehicle. Yes, we finally have an UNSC flying vehicle! From the little footage that is out there on the interwebz we can tell that it'll be a VTOL kind of plane and it will feature a chaingun and rockets to rain death from above. The Pheaton has finally found its match.
    Last up we get our usual fix of Armors, emblems, an armor mod and some weapon variants of the Brute Plasma Rifle. I'm going to take a wild guess here and say that the Patrol case armor mod will let you have some more ammo capacity out of spawn.

    That's about it for this update! What do you think about Warzone Firefight and the new maps and REQs?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading!

    Xbox Wire

  2. Halo 5: REQ reveal and UI Update

    After the little tease of REQs we got in the preview last week we now have the full picture without any smudges or ONI logo's. And I've got to say, it was surprising.
    Anyway, here's the list:

    Posted Image

    Turns out all the speculation surrounding the Legendary weapon was true. Jorge's HMG is making its return to Halo! If you get your hands on it you'll find that you walk a lil' faster and can take more of a punch. Also, your bullets explode in impact. I don't remeber it doing that in Reach but... I'll take it.
    The REQ with the mysterious ONI symbol plastered over it turned out to be a Pheaton variant. We were all hoping for the Falcon, but maybe this Pheaton won't explode from peashooter fire.
    Next we have all of the (predicted) Noble team armors. Keep in mind that they're not supposed to be exactly like the armors you saw in Reach (e.g "Emile's" knife is not on the shoulder armor). Wanted to clarify this since I've seen people literally going crazy over this.
    We also get a little armor mod that's going to help you be the designated driver.
    Finally we have the weapon attatchment of which I'm still not sure what they do exactly. I believe Fishy said on my last post that it was a marker/spotter of sorts.

    Moving on we have images of UI improvements. We finally get post game medals and extended stats in the carnage report for bragging rights and showing off. Extended stats include:

    • All Medals earned from the match, including quantity, medal rarity, and description
    • Tool of Destruction
    • Killed Most (see who each player killed most, and how many times)
    • Killed By (see who each player fell victim to the most, and how many times)
    • Press LB or RB to view Commendations or Progress from your Recap
    • Press LT or RT to view Recaps of other players from the match.
    And here's how it's going to look like:

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Fancy stuffs.

    Alongside the improved carnage report is a search preference tool that'll help you find a game your way. It's not exactly server region selection, but it's a step in the right way. With the tool we're getting we can choose between:
    • Balanced (default): Search for a match based on your fireteam's skill and network connection quality.
    • Expanded: Widen search parameters to find the first available match with reasonable skill matching and network connection quality.
    • Focused: Narrow search to find the best match based on your fireteam's skill and connection. Search times may be longer than normal.
    Don't forget to leave your thoughts on Waypoint when it drops so 343i knows right from wrong!

    Additionally we get an explaination and criteria for the Infection medals we were shown in the preview.
    I'll post the list down here:

    Zombie Hunter - "Kill 5 Zombies without dying"
    Zombie Slayer - "Kill 10 Zombies without dying"
    Hell’s Janitor - "Kill 15 Zombies without dying"
    Hell Jumper - "Kill 20 Zombies without dying"
    Zombicide - "Kill 25 Zombies without dying"
    The Cure - "Kill 30 Zombies without dying"
    Infector - "Infect 2 Survivors without dying"
    Carrier - "Infect 3 Survivors without dying"
    Ravager - "Infect 4 Survivors without dying"
    Plague Bearer - "Infect 5 Survivors without dying"
    Lord of the Flies - "Infect 6 Survivors without dying"
    Last Man Standing - "Be the last man standing in a game of Infection"
    Infected - "Infect a survivor"
    Ancient One - "Survive an entire round as a Zombie and convert at least one Survivor"
    Survived - "Live through the Zombie Apocolypse"
    Resourceful - "Kill a Zombie when all of your weapons are empty"
    Stalker - "Assassinate a Zombie”
    Flatline - "Kill the last man standing in a game of Infection"

    Finally we get some additional tweaks for the Halo 5 sandbox in a little message from the Halo 5 multiplayer team.

    For Memories of Reach, we’ve fixed a bug where Spartan Charge would not properly target enemies at the edges of a red reticle on the horizontal plane (you can still get red reticle and miss vertically). Fear not, though – players who skillfully evade a Spartan-Charging player with Thrust will still escape without taking damage. Additionally, Spartan Charge with Speed Boost will no longer be a one-hit kill, and Spartan Charge with the Gravity Hammer will no longer be a one-hit kill.
    The last item is a slight increase to movement speed while crouching. This has been increased to allow for crouching to be a more viable choice for players to flank and attack. The speed isn’t drastic, but after months of testing we’ve found it to be the sweet spot.

    So, this is what you can expect when the update drops.
    Leave your thoughts and comments down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D


  3. Halo 5: Memories Of Reach Update Preview

    It has been known for quite some time now that the Memories of Reach update would deliver Infection. With this months preview we get some more information on it. As of this moment 343i is working on creating, selecting and playtesting both self created and community made maps. The most interesting part lies in the Forge department as a load of items have been added to the Forge pallet to create the best Infection maps. We're speaking of damaged walls and structures, dead bodies (both human and covenant) and all sorts of indications of mayhem here.
    Forge Team get on it :hrhr:
    The standard settings of the Infection playlist you'll come across online have also been shown and I'll paste them down here:

    • Total player count: 12
    • Number of rounds: 4
    • Round time limit: 3 minutes each
    • New Custom Game option: “Last Squad Standing”
    • Spartans have all Spartan abilities (naturally!)
    • Infected have Thrust, Smart Scope, Stabilize
    • New medals
    Speculate below what you'll think the medal requirements will be :D

    As with every content update, we also get another load of REQs. And also as always, some of them are blurred out. What's interesting is that this time one of the legendary REQs hasn't just been blurred, it has been completely blacked out and has an ONI symbol on it.
    Check it out:

    Posted Image

    As you can see the Weapons skins that were earlier available in the Spartan REQ pack are now available in regular REQs (aside from de 343i skins). The Brute Plasma Rifle also makes its return to Halo!
    Speculation on the blurred REQs has already gone wild across other media. Rumor has it that the blacked out 'ONI' REQ is the Falcon, but I'm still hoping for the legendary Reach Forklift. Wouldn't that be something?
    In any case the Mythic blurred weapon appears to be Jorge's HMG. A thought that is supported by the fact that the Legendary stance appears to be your Spartan holding something rather big and heavy.
    The blurred Mythic armors and Helmets are all of the Noble teams gear which were shown briefly in the infection trailer
    The blurred assassination leaves everything to your imagination. I for one have no idea what it will look like.
    The blurred weapon at the bottom appears to be the DMR with the same attatchment as all other loadout weapons shown on the list. Which got me thinking... why blur it when you can clearly see it's the DMR with the same attatchment as all other weapons shown?
    In any case post your own thoughts on the blurred REQs down below!

    Moving on we have a weapon balance coming. More specificly, a REQ weapon update. 343i has researched and noticed that some of the Power weapons in Warzone were underperforming. So here's a list of weapon tweaks that will come with the update in the following weeks:

    Plasma Caster: Default
    • Reduced non-charged timer from 0.5 to 0.3 (less overshooting of enemies)
    • Sticky grenade has less arc (to be able to place it on the map more reliably)
    • Sticky grenade detonation is now more damaging vs. vehicles, but less damaging vs bipeds (will still kill bipeds in one shot when stuck)
    • Increased sticky grenade submunition damage values from 43 to 75 (indirect fire from a sticky shot can now actually kill!)
    • Sticky submunition grenade inner AOE increased from 0.65 to 1.0
    Plasma Caster: White Scar
    • Needles have improved aim toward nearby targets
    Plasma Caster: Scourge of Fire
    • Sticky shot now has 7 submunitions instead of 5
    Hydra Launcher: Default
    • Reduced recoil in hip
    • Increased inner AOE radius from 0.4 to 0.8
    • Increased impact damage to make it more effective against vehicles (still two rockets to kill Spartan)
    Hydra Launcher: Typhon
    • Enabled multi lock on for up to 3 targets
    • Increased impact damage (still two rockets to kill Spartan)
    Scattershot: Loathsome Thing
    • Increased number of hardlight projectiles to be same as normal scattershot (5 -> 8)
    Rocket Launcher: High Five
    • Increased AOE radius on cluster rockets
    Binary Rifle: Twin Jewels of Maethrillian
    • Reduced recoil
    • Placed twin projectiles a bit closer together for easier biped targeting
    Covenant Carbine: Rain of Oblivion
    • Reduced recoil
    • Increased zoom magnification a bit (closer to default Carbine)
    Incineration Cannon: River of Light
    • Added slight homing to charge shot to hit multiple bipeds easier
    Incineration Cannon: Heartseeker
    • Added proximity detonation to charge shot (like the normal Inc. Cannon has) to make it more effective against airborne targets or targets behind cover
    Fuel Rod Cannon: Pool of Radiance
    • Fixed a damage bug (was not causing AOE damage on initial explosion)
    • Made projectile thicker
    Needler: Talon of the Lost
    • Reduced supercombine count to be same as normal Needler
    • Needles have longer lifetime to more easily supercombines against difficult to hit targets (8s instead of 4s)
    Spartan Laser: Selene’s Lance
    • Reduced recoil
    • Made beam thicker
    That's all for this update preview. Don't forget to leave your thoughts and speculations down below!
    Thank you all for reading! :D


  4. Infection/Noble Team Armors Revealed in Latest...

    In the video provided by ReadyUpLive above you can see all the goodness mentioned if you pay close attention.

    Infection was the obvious headliner in this but did you notice they were playing on a remix of Torque?
    Posted Image

    With Jun's Scout Mk. V [GEN 1] armor. (NOT OFFICIAL NAME FOR HALO 5)
    Posted Image

    Jorge's Mk. V [GEN 1] Grenadier set. (UNOFFICIAL DESIGNATION)
    Posted Image

    Kat's Mk. V [GEN 1] Air Assault variant with her signature Command Network Module-Improved and Up Armor plate attachments (UNOFFICIAL DESIGNATION).
    Posted Image

    And of course, Emile's Mk. V [GEN 1] EVA with scratched skull and Kukri knife while infected.
    Posted Image

    What do you guys think? If we're getting these all in next update then it should be the biggest to date. Memories of Reach's teaser stole the show yesterday after the live stream of the Ghosts of Meridian update launching TODAY. Leave thoughts on what you want to see next month!

    Huge thanks to HTA for providing screenshots.

  5. Halo 5: Upcoming Expansions

    'Twas only yesterday when 343i streamed the newest Hammer Storm expansion with Ball gametypes and Grifball. And it has only been a few hours after the stream that we got the actual expansion for ourselves. (So get downloading!)
    But that's not what I'm here for today, I'm here for a recent tweet by 343i that shows us some pretty exciting stuff.

    If you would be so kind to look at the image at the top you'll see eveything we've had thus far on the left. To the right we see (possibly in order) what's to come the coming months. And yes, there's going to be Firefight! And Reach themed stuff! And Hog's! And everything!

    There's not really much to go on right now other than the image above and the little teaser trailer we got during yesterdays stream. But speculate away!

    What do you think will be featured in the upcoming expansions?
    Let us know down below!
    Thanks for reading! :D

  6. Halo 5 Battle of Shadow and Light

    343i is already holding true to their word of post launch commitment with an update barely a month after release. The new update called 'Battle of Shadow and Light' will deliver us more REQs including, but not limited to, the new 'Shinobi' armor, the 'Dying Star' Lightrifle and Tundra and Woodland themed Mongoos... vehicles.
    In total 48 new REQs will drop with this update which you can view down here:


    But the biggest bombshell is that with this update we finally get BTB.
    The 8v8 vehicular onslaught will feature four new Big Team Battle canvases available in multiplayer and custom games. They are inspired by some of the classic Halo maps so you might recognize some apects in Deadlock, Basin, Guillotine, and Recurve.
    Some previews of the maps can be found down here:

    Please note that these are preview images and might not be final.

    What are your thoughts on these news maps and REQs?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D


  7. Halo 5 November community update

    As you may have noticed, Halo 5 has had an update. Not only is the weekly playlist, shotty snipers, available for the weekend but we also get some updates to the playlists and game itself.
    One of the updates is the removal of the 'Orion' map from all playlists. Don't fret, it will be back! It has been pulled from matchmaking temporarily to fix some of the bugs and glitches. Including, but not limited to, spawning and the issue where people would get banned for suicides for trying and failing to get to the DMG boost. In place of this we get a total 15 more map gametype combinations which I'll list down here:


    Additional matchmaking fixes include the removal of the "One or more members in your Fireteam has a high latency to the dedicated server" error and expanded parameters for the Warzone matchmaking system which allows international players to find matches quicker and easier. 343i is still working on the last fix and has let us know that they did see improvement in Warzone search times but need some more time to check if it doesn't interfere with anything else, so they've pulled the changes for a bit untill they're sure no other problems are caused.

    We also got a little sneak peak at some additional REQs that will roll November 16th. In the upcoming weeks 343i will fill in the blacked out REQ cards below:


    So keep your eyes on their blog :D

    Additionally 343i's Lead Sandbox Designer for Halo 5 Chris King and Scott Sims acknowledge the issues with the aiming mechanics within Halo 5. They've written a nice little piece which I'll paste below:

    What are your thoughts on the changes and plans, and do you have any suggestions for changes yourself?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading


  8. Halo 5 commendations and medals revealed

    Commendations are returing as a reward system for achieving certain feats. Each commendation has 5 tiers and every achieved tier earns you an EXP bonus. Completing each 3rd tier of a commendation will reward you with a bonus REQ pack containing boosts and other single use REQs. Completeing the 5th tier of a commendation will get you a REQ pack containing a specific emblem to show off your achievement.

    Here's the commendation list of day 1:


    Medals are also returning as expected and have suffered a few losses, but gained alot. Bravo interviewed multiplayer designer Max Grossman on the new medal design.
    Here's a little snippet of the interview:

    "When we look at creating a new Medal, we have to make sure it satisfies a few rules. A Medal needs to be an explicit action that a player can perform; rather than something that can “just happen.” Players should have a clear idea of what it is that they did to earn the Medal. For example, we removed the Reload This Medal because it didn’t satisfy this criterion. Second, a Medal needs to promote good behavior and should never reinforce a negative action. You won’t see the Comeback Kill Medal in Halo 5 because it reminded players that they had died 3 times in a row without getting a kill. When a player is playing poorly, they already know; they don’t need the reminder. Lastly, a Medal has to have akiller name. “Bulltrue.” “Overkill.” “Reversal.” I always like to imagine Jeff Steitzer’s (the infamous multiplayer Announcer) voice in my head whenever trying to come up with Medal names. For as many new Medals that appear in Halo 5, there are just as many that we tinkered with during development that didn’t make the cut."
    ~Max Grossman

    Read the full interview here.

    And here's the list of medals:

    (Sorry for the ugly lay-out, the site wouldn't let me upload it any neater for some reason...)

    We also got a little sneak peak at some of the medal designs.
    I've listed them here:

    What are your thoughts on the commendations and medals?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  9. Halo 5 CSR explained

    The Competetive Skill Ranking, or CSR for short, is your rank within the Arena experience and determines who you'll be pitched against. If everything goes right that should be opponents within your skill range and this ensures you that you and your team won't be annihilated by higher levels and that you won't stomp on lower levels.
    Just like we saw in the beta you'll have to complete 10 placement matches that determine what rank you'll start off as. Since the beta there have been a couple additions to the ranking though. Below you'll find all the ranks through which you can progress (or drop).


    The ranks Bronze through Diamond are pretty straight forward. Win a couple of matches and you'll progress in ranks. Notice that I said 'win matches' and not 'be on the top of the leaderboard' as being the top player on your team doesn't mean a thing to your CSR, only winning does.
    There is the chance that you'll drop a rank after losing too many matches but we are assured that you won't drop an entire rank by going on a bit of a losing spree. For example, if you've been working towards that Silver rank for who knows how long you won't be dropped back down to Bronze just because you weren't having a good day.
    The Onyx and Chapion ranks behave in a different way. Once you reach Onyx, your CSR score will be shown to allow better comparison between players. Winning no longer increases your tier, your CSR score does. Once you reach the top 200 within a playlist you'll be placed in the highest tier, the Champion tier. All shall quiver before thee!

    Later in Halo 5's lifespan seasons will be introduced. It looks somewhat like the seasons we had back in the Halo Reach days. When a season starts your CSR will be reset and you'll have to play your placement matches again to be ranked. This allows you jump start your ranking and prevents you from being stuck in an what seems to be endless progression through the rankings. Of course, you can also fall a bit short but do not fret as there is always next season.
    Reaching a CSR ranking within a season also makes you eligable for a neat cosmetic award, no matter if your Bronze or Onyx. Think of it as a souvenir. First thing we'll get is this emblem:

    Posted Image

    Each time a season ends 343i will update the game based on your feedback. So don't stop complaining!

    Join in progress is disabled in Arena to prevent you from being placed in losing games and losing a rank as a result from that. Quitting is frowned upon and if you decide to be a bum you'll not only suffer a loss and forfeit any EXP or REQ points earned that match, you'll also recieve a temporary ban to think about what you just did. Betrayals, idling, intentional suicides and excessive disconnects will also earn you a ban of which the length is determined by how heavy the offense is. Each successive infraction will increase the timeout exponantially so don't you even think about it Spartan!

    What are your thoughts on this ranking system?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  10. Halo 5 achievements revealed

    With the release date coming ever so close, 343i decided to let us see the achievements that will be available to us on the 27th. They showed this in a recent blog. I must warm you for potential spoilers as some of the achievements concern the campaign. In my opinion they're not that spoiler heavy, but be warned that they could reveal something.

    Here's the list of achievements:
    Click at your own descretion!


    These are all of the achievements available at launch and are, as usual, collectively worth 1000 gamerscore. We can expect more achievements to be added with each (free) DLC.

    If you have decided to view the list, what are your thoughts on these achievements and which ones are you going the extra mile for?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  11. Halo 5 launch playlists announced

    In less than 2 weeks we can finally wrap our hands around Halo 5 but today we get to know what we'll be able to play online the moment we start playing. In a blog 343i has listed what playlists will be available at launch and what maps and gametypes we'll be playing with.
    Here's the list:


    Keep in mind that this list contains the launch playlists. More playlists will be added later on!

    What do you think of these playlists and which playlist would you like to see added later on?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  12. Halo 5 REQ System Explained Further!

    343 Industries has cleared up a few things about the REQ system in Halo 5: Guardians, as well as shown a few pictures of new REQ Armours, Assassinations, and more!

    It has been clear over the past few months that the REQ system plays a large part in the gameplay of Halo 5: Guardians, but some people were still very confused by the concept, so 343 decided to clear a few things up. A HaloWaypoint.com blog post showed off the two classes of REQ, which are Permenant and Single-Use. Permanent REQs are as the name says, permanent, and single-use REQs are once-per-game. All of these can be earned through REQ points after Arena and Warzone matches. REQ packs can be bought with real world money as well, but that is an optional feature. Items are grouped into five categories from rarest to least rare, as an example, Linda's sniper is a high tier weapon, and the SMG is a lower tier weapon. The three possible REQ packs come in three categories from most rewarding to least, and in different prices. You also get REQs from commendations and Spartan Rank-ups. Each week 343i will tease some new REQ cards in these blogs. If that isn't enough, they released a comedic video where Mister Chief (voiced by Nick Offerman) explains the system in a comedic manner, on YouTube.com.

    View attachment: card-comparison-2f6142823b0f4b16a3b7f456d9341127.png
    View attachment: card-comparison-2f6142823b0f4b16a3b7f456d93411279.pngView attachment: card-comparison-2f6142823b0f4b16a3b7f456d93411278.png

    Images and information sourced from 343 Industries and the Xbox YouTube.

  13. Halo 5: Cinema first look and gameplay

    In the cinema first look we get a glimpse of the thought process behind Halo 5. How did the things that are now come to be?
    Check it in the video down here:


    Those are some awesome visuals.
    They did cut out a few frames that leaked a while back though. I won't go into detail since you know... spoilers, but you might know what I'm talking about.

    In the gameplay capture we are provided with some campaign footage that isn't all too... spoiler-y. (Yes that is a word, you don't know me)
    We get a great look at how open the area we move around in is going to be like, how you can maneuver around to flank your enemies, and take advantage of your surroundings. And again the stunning visuals :drool:
    Take a look down here:


    Did I forget to mention the visuals???
    I can't wait for more of Spartan Buck's banter :hrhr:

    What are your thoughts on the visua... I mean video's?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  14. Halo 5 Limited Edition Console and Controllers

    Just like last time with Halo 4 we'll be able to get a console bundle. It will contain a limited edition 1TB console that has a cool Halo 5 theme and custom sounds for starting up, shutting down and ejecting/inserting the disc. It will also come, just like the Halo 4 bundle, with a Halo 5 themed controller. This time it's only 1 controller though.
    Well, we couldn't do splitscreen anyway...

    What's different from last time is that the console bundle will now include the Halo 5: Guardians Limited edition package so the true collectors won't miss out on most of the collectables. As an added bonus you'll also get acces to the FOTUS armor from the get go and have an exclusive FOTUS emblem to show off.
    Take a look at the 3D model yourself here. The bundle will cost $499.

    If you already have a console and are happy with the way it is you can always think about getting one of the two Limited edition controllers. Or get both!
    The first one is the Spartan Locke controller and is the one you'll get with the console bundle. It will also come with the Resolute visor acces from day one. This controller will cost you $69,99.
    The second controller is the Master Chief controller. This controller will include day one acces to the Dauntless visor and will also cost $69,99.

    Let me assure you that as of now all of the DLC content you get with these items except for the FOTUS emblem have been confirmed to be available to everyone through the REQ pack system. These acces codes, just like the pre order codes, only assure you of day one acces!

    Will you be getting any of these items?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  15. Xbox @ Gamescom and Halo 5 strategy guide

    Of course Halo and Xbox can't be left out of the worlds biggest gaming show in Germany. This year at Gamescom we'll get new looks into games that are coming from Xbox and one of the very first, if not the very first, Halo 5 tournament(s).
    Check the schedule down here


    Tuesday, August 4 at 4:00 PM CEST (7:00 AM PDT / 10:00 AM EDT)


    Wednesday, August 5 at 6:00 PM CEST (9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM EDT)
    Thursday, August 6 at 6:00 PM CEST (9:00 AM PDT / 12:00 PM EDT)


    Friday, August 7 at 4:00 PM CEST (7:00 AM PDT / 10:00 AM EDT)

    The tournament will be played on two maps by four invited teams (Epsilon Esports, Supremacy, CAZ.Esports and Optic Gaming). The first map is Empire that was featured in the beta and the second map will be the underwater map Fantom which was recently revealed. We'll be introduced to the new Fantom map and Empire (which has been altered since the beta) before the tournament start to get familiar.
    The tournament will be casted by Bravo and Richard Simms.

    Along with this news we get the announcement of the Halo 5: Guardians strategy guide. The strategy guide will come in 3 versions and will release along with the game.

    • The first version will be the eGuide edition. It will feature detailed walkthrough for the entire single-player campaign, complete details on how to earn every Achievement, expert tips for all multiplayer maps. It will be available on mobile and will cost $9,99
    • The second version will be the Standard edition guide. This will feature everything in the eGuide edition in a physical book and include an acces code for the eGuide. This one will cost $24,99
    • The third version will be the Collectors edition guide. This version will feature everything in the Standard edition + bonus in-game DLC*. This edition will cost $34,99.
    *DLC yet to be announced

    Will you be up to watch the streams? And will you get your hands on of the Strategy guides?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D


  16. "A Hero Reborn" Halo 5 ViDoc Analysis

    You can watch the whole thing here (or view the embedded version below). The ViDoc weaves through a myriad of ideas, backstory, and behind the scenes footage while numerous 343 Industries employees have concurrent "mini interviews".

    Noteworthy things from the video include (the corresponding images will be linked via #):

    • The introductory cutscene for the ViDoc's name, which might actually be in the game. It shows Locke climbing up some sort of rocky cliff (or getting up? His BR is laying on the ground beneath him, so he could have fallen) while the screen pans up to a view of Chief standing atop the hill. # # #
    • Yellow Gauss Hog, Yellow Mongoose, a Yellow "Wargoose" or Gungoose (seems to have weapons attached to it's hood. It's currently unconfirmed on what it is), a crashed Pelican colored yellow, and an AI character (construction worker?) driving a Mongoose. These might be possible construction themed vehicles. # # # #
    • A dev working on a 343 Industries themed Assault Rifle. #
    • Chief touching Cortana's chip, which vanishes afterward, and a apparition of Cortana. This is from the Blue Team level that has been shown before. # # #
    • An Elite presumably working on a parked Banshee with it's wings & hood raised. #
    • Development model of the Wraith (it's still the actual model that's in the final game), and some weird looking Tank in the background. #
    • Mini Forklift. #
    • A wall in Campaign that can be destroyed by a Shoulder Charge (it's the cracked wall underneath the destroyed stairs). #
    • Chat bubbles over team characters heads when they talk (possibly the same bubbles seen in game chat in Online Coop). # #
    • First Person view of the revive mechanic. # #
    • AI friendly Elites. #
    • First Person view of Locke ordering Spartan Tanaka to pick up a Scattershot. # #
    • Shade Turret. #
    • Anti-Air Turret? #
    • Captain Lasky. # #
    • Buck holding an unknown Magnum variant (his personal sidearm?). #
    • Dr. Halsey. #
    I have compiled an extensive album of around 103 images from the ViDoc here. Though it certainly is not all of the obtainable screenshots.

    Finally, the ViDoc itself can be viewed below if you declined to click the IGN link at the beginning of this article.

    Thanks for reading! :rambo:


    IGN, my own ViDoc album post on r/halo

  17. Halo 5: New Warzone map revealed

    On the first day of Comic Con Microsoft came out swinging by announcing one of the maps that will be featured In Halo 5's Warzone gamemode.
    The announcement wasn't just any old announcement with a few concept art pictures and a name, no. They announced it by showing off a 89.500 blocks large, half a ton weighing Lego replica of the map.

    The map will be called 'Raid on Apex 7' and is already bigger than the map 'Escape from A.R.C' which was shown at E3.
    Here's the Lego structure:


    And here's some of the concept art:

    The style of the map was inspired by the level The Silent Cartographer in Halo CE.
    Mysterious island? Check. Large middle structure? Check. Getting lost? Probably.

    "Clearing out the initial Covenant threats and controlling the Forerunner Spire in the center of the island is paramount to a team's success and provides a central base of operations. If your team loses the Spire, don’t despair; players can use a system of caves or taketo the beach to flank the base. Beware of the Covenant though, for they will not let you take this islandso easily. They will counterattack and fight to retake their territory. Continue the push for control of the island and take out the opposition's core… before you awaken something much worse."

    The map appears to play out similair to the Escape from A.R.C map. First you'll drop in with a Pelican and will have to clear your base of AI enemies to be able to proceed. After that you'll have to option to either go for the central base and or bosses to score points or choose to go for the enemy base and destroy their core.
    Choose wisely.

    What do you think of the map? And what might we awake on it?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D


  18. Halo Preorder Content for all & Backwards C...

    Phil Spencer sat down with Giant Bomb on their E3 Podcast not that long ago to talk about how Backwards Compatibility works, and clear confusion on some of what it can & can't support. He went on to say that multi-disc 360 games, like Wolfenstein: The New Order or Dead Space 3, are currently in development, and are being looked into. He said specifically, "We're still working on multi-disc. Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon are some of my favorites from the 360. There's actually work in packing a multi-disc into single that requires us to go back and look at the original package on the multiple discs and reconfigure that. There weren't allot of multi-discs on 360, but that is an issue for us."

    He also made a brief comment regarding Kinect: noting that 360 Kinect games will not work on Xbox One, "There's some caveats, and as always I like to be as transparent as I can be on this: Kinect games won't work from the 360, because translating between the Kinect sensors is almost impossible."

    Lastly, Xbox Support on Twitter confirmed that disc-based & digital 360 DLC will be supported, and can be transferred to Xbox One via the Backwards Compat. system. However, the availability of the DLC depends on whether or not the Developer or Publisher approves it.

    For example, if a company like ZeniMax were to allow it's consumers to port it's 360 DLC to the One, content such as Dawnguard from Skyrim & Mothership Zeta from Fallout 3 will be playable with no strings attached (the content still needs to be tested beforehand, like Phil Spencer said in the podcast above), and possibly all DLC from the GOTY and special editions of said games will be utilized as well. Again, this still depends on the content-holders giving the green-light.

    Backwards Compatibility will be available to everyone later this year, and supposedly will launch with around 100 supported titles, and hundreds more every month. Those who are in the Xbox One Preview Program can test the system's current titles right now, like Perfect Dark Zero, Super Meat Boy, and Battleblock Theater.

    Xbox additionally has a public vote on which games will be approved. You can go to the Xbox Feedback forums here to cast your vote on a game you would like to see on Xbox One.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Halo 5: Guardians has plenty of pre-order bonuses that are acquired from different retailers, such as Agent Locke's HUNTER armor from Gamestop & GAME, the Projection SMG from Amazon, and a loadout weapon & skin from Xbox Live. The incentives to buy the game from all these retailers makes the content too exclusive for any one person to get unless you want to go through a large amount of hassle. It makes the choice & lack of choice of place to preorder all the more difficult.

    Relieving the pressure on fan's shoulders, Josh Holmes of 343 Industries made a quick response to a user on Twitter regarding availability of the preorder content. He confirmed that all preorder content can be unlocked in the base game regardless of who you bought the game from, and that the preorder itself just "- guarantees you have it out of box.".

    So earning something like the Sentinel Battle Rifle from Gamestop will require work in-game to get, but you'll still have a guarantee of the content being unlockable. ;)


    Xbox Support on Twitter



    Josh Holmes on Twitter

    Giant Bomb's E3 Day 1 Podcast

    Gamespot 1 & 2


  19. Halo 5: Guardians REQ pack info

    In the list of goodies we get with the special edition for Halo 5: Guardians are 14 REQ packs. But what are these REQ packs exactly?
    REQ packs are purchasable with in-game REQ points which you earn after completing a game of Warzone or Arena multiplayer. Get enough of these REQ points and you'll be able to redeem them for REQ packs. Since the special editions feature "A Warzone REQ bundle with 14 Premium Requisition packs" we can assume that there are different types of REQ packs you can purchase. REQ packs are also obtainable by leveling up your Spartan Rank and completing commendations.
    So what is within these REQ packs?
    Each REQ pack has a variety of items. Including unlockable weapons, armors, skins, assassination animations and more.

    Be aware that only cosmetic items obtained from REQ packs are usable in the Arena portion of the multiplayer. The weapon and vehicle cards shown in the E3 demo are restricted to Warzone.
    In Warzone you'll be allowed to take your weapons and vehicle cards from REQ stations. To ensure an equal start of the match the cards are restricted by Warzone's in-game REQ level which you can level up by completing feats in the Warzone match. So no starting out with a Mantis and stomping on your enemies just because you got lucky with your REQs.

    After the game's release 343i ensures us of new additions to the REQ packs so we'll always have something new to play around with.
    As a matter of convenience 343i will also make REQ packs purchasable from the Microsoft Store. A part of the income from these purchases will go to the Halo Championship Series' prize pool.
    Now I can hear you thinking "OMG MICROTRANSACTIONS NOOOOOOOOOO" but keep in mind that these REQ packs will not yield you anymore power on the battlefield. The weapons you'll be able to use in Warzone are still locked behind the in-game REQ level for balance sake. The only way these microtransactions are benefitial is if you don't really have the time to play Halo each and everyday but still want to keep up with some of the unlocks.
    Also remember that the Map Packs will be completely free.

    What do you think of this REQ pack system?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D


  20. RUL's Halo 5 Campaign Coverage

    This article will be based on the features shown, and not necessarily the story elements that were revealed. You can go to Greenskull's article here if you would like to read through the whole experience.

    Universal Campaign Features:

    • The AI system is very similar to Left 4 Dead in which 3 AI teammates (the 3 other Spartans besides the Leaders in each Spartan Team: Fireteam Osiris, and Blue Team) will follow around the host until another player joins in. These AI companions will accompany the host throughout the entire game.
    • Each of the 8 Spartan characters have unique HUDs, starting Loadouts, and of course voices & personalities. Chatter between the characters will be commonplace.
    • The player can use D-Pad commands to order around their Spartan Teams. Greenskull stated on the matter, "If you are looking at a weapon and press up on the D-Pad, a teammate will run over and pick it up. Point at an enemy and your team will focus fire on it. You can even direct them to cover..."
    • Similar to Borderlands, every player can be crippled or "downed". The player will crouch onto the ground, and will die if another player, or AI doesn't come in to revive them. The player will still respawn if they're in Online Coop, but if you die in Singleplayer you'll revert to a previous checkpoint.
    • When downed you can press a button to notify everyone else to save you, and all it will take is the press of the "use" button (the button mapping will be different if you're using an alternate control scheme) by a teammate to get you back up. The time it takes to revive a player is around 2-3 seconds.
    Online Coop:
    • Utilizes a "jump-in-drop-out system", which allows anyone to join in and leave without impacting the host's game too much. This means that Join In Progress is in Halo 5.
    • Any new player joining the game can choose which character they want to be (Fred, Linda, Kelly - Tanaka, Vale, Buck). The original Host will ALWAYS be Chief or Locke.
    • Both of the leader positions (Chief or Locke) have access to the D-Pad commands, while every other character doesn't. The commands are somewhat the same in Online Coop in comparison to Singleplayer. Continued from Greenskull's quote above, "With a team of human players, the party leader (Master Chief or Spartan Locke) can still perform these commands (the ones listed above in the Universal section) to help direct their teammates to locations, enemies, or hidden weapons."
    • Lastly, difficulty will be scaled based on how many players are in the game. A mission played on Legendary with 4 players will be more difficult than a Solo run on Legendary.
    Prometheans & Enemies:
    • Prometheans are returning with a new type being introduced: The Promethean Solider (pictured in the image at the top of this article). The only other information there is is that it moves fast, and is around the same size of a Spartan such as the Chief.
    • An ENORMOUS new enemy called a Guardian has been introduced, though Guardians have existed in Halo lore long before Halo 5, and it's currently unknown if these Guardians are connected to the old ones.
    • Standing at 4,635 feet tall, the Guardian easily is the most massive enemy ever featured in a Halo game (the Gravemind is probably another good candidate). Here's an image from Greenkskull's video on Youtube based on scale.
    • ALL Covenant enemies speak English due to Jul M'Dama's authority loosening. He originally banned the usage of English and other human language which is why the Covenant spoke their native languages in Halo 4. This comes from the Halo 5 Gameinformer issue that was recently revealed.
    • The playtesters were shown a brief Campaign teaser, and Greenskull named the things he saw to the best of his ability, "It moved so fast it was hard to point anything out. That being said, what my eyes feasted upon was jaw dropping: massive enemies, space battles, and more. I saw Hunters forming from worms (Lekgolo) on the ground, Banshees flying past a space station, and a flying Forerunner vehicle shooting at a massive covenant station (it almost looked like a mining rig).", he went on to say, "The scale was unlike anything we’ve seen in Halo, specifically the giant vehicle scene. There were vehicles flying around, Covenant shooting plasma through the air, and explosions illuminating the landscape. It was hard not to get excited."
    • The maps have plenty of alternate routes, and passageways aside from the main path. The many nooks, and crannies also harbor secrets. Greenskull found a specific easter egg (a black alien skull looking thing) in Singleplayer, and confirmed that many other eggs are within the game.
    The reveal came with an absolutely HUGE amount of screenshots, and HD images, and you can see them all here.

    Halo 5: Guardians releases on October 27th of this year, and a full reveal of the game will be in Microsoft's press conference at E3. You can see the whole E3 schedule at IGN.


    ReadyUpLive, RUL on Youtube

  21. Halo 5: Guardians - Miscommunication, the class...

    With the recent news of Halo 5 Guardians not having a split-screen option the fanbase went wild. But we could all find some kind of comfort in knowing that playing the Halo 5 campaign co-op would not require Xbox Live Gold... Right?
    Well, today we found out that this is actually not the case. In one of Josh Holmes' recent blogs over at Waypoint he explains that playing the campaign does in fact require an Xbox Live Gold subscroption. It was just a small miscommunication with Game Informer while they were making their latest article

    "I need take a moment to make an important correction on something we miscommunicated in the story. I misspoke during the interview when stating that online co-op campaign would be supported with an Xbox Live Silver account. Co-op campaign will require Xbox Live Gold to play. I want to extend my sincere apologies to our fans, and to Game Informer, for this error and any confusion it has caused."
    ~Josh Holmes

    Luckely, in order to set things straight, we will get a 14-day Xbox Live Gold trial card with Halo 5 so you'll still have the oppertunity to play Halo 5 co-op for up to 2 weeks.

    Next up we got a confirmation that our classic Halo theme is making a return.

    Posted Image

    Ever since Halo 3 we've had a distinct lack of our beloved monk chant in the Halo games. They weren't gone completely but they were way too subtle. So Kazuma Jinnouchi, the music composer for Halo 5, has decided to bring back the Halo choir.

    "We wanted to bring the old Halo theme back. We had a number of discussions about this and one of the pieces we strongly felt like we should bring back was the Halo choir, which was very subtly implemented in Halo 4, but we wanted to bring it back in a much more obvious way, So we did our own interpretation of the piece."
    ~Kazuma Jinnouchi

    We'll just have to wait and see what their 'interpretation of the piece' is.

    Lastly we get a confirmation that all of the upcoming Halo games will get a beta.

    Posted Image

    After the terrible launch of the Master Chief Collection 343i vows to never release a Halo game without beta testing it first. They claim to have been a bit too ambtious when it comes to releasing 4 different Halo games on 1 disc, and therefor learned the importance of offering a beta.

    "There is so much we learned with the Halo 5 beta," she said. "There is actually stuff we took from our Master Chief Collection--learnings that we were able to put into the beta. Going forward, you will never see a Halo game coming out without a beta. It was obviously painful for our fans and for us. But it won't happen again. There are things we put in place to make sure that we know everything, how it stands up outside and in the wild."
    ~Bonnie Ross

    After the obvious succes of the Halo 5: Guardians beta, I couldn't agree more with this decision.

    What are your thoughts on all of this?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

    Game Informer

  22. Halo 5 Gameinformer Issue Reveal

    The announcement came along with a series of descriptions about the issue, and a teaser trailer on YouTube.

    July's issue includes the demo of the second mission of the Campaign, a breakdown of the changes to Empire, a rundown of Fireteam Osiris, the reveal of an underwater map called Fathom, and a ton of other things.

    Head on over to Gameinformer.com to check out the full scoop.

    Additionally the reveal came with a truckload of images, so here they are for your leisure ;) :


    Thanks for reading! :smoke:


    Gameinformer: 1 & 2, Youtube, Halowaypoint

  23. Halo 5: Guardians Live-Action Trailer Revealed...

    A new trailer is up for Halo 5: Guardians that depicts Agent Locke possibly looking to kill the Master Chief. No wait, not possibly, definitely!

    This came so far out of left field I don't even know where to begin. Xbox's YouTube.com channel released our Halo 5: Guardians trailer today, along with a new episode of Hunt the Truth. The trailer shows Locke with his DMR walking through a glassed colony world and confronting the Chief, standing battered and injured against a memorial in his name. Locke chastises and mocks Chief whilst preparing to kill him. He pulls out his pistol, and the trailer ends. This also reveals the release date, October 27th, 2015. As pointed out by Yoshi, the infinity sits in the background, looking a bit battered itself, and it seems this is the same location as a piece of concept art from a while ago. We will get more answers as to why Locke looks to kill Chief later on, but as of right now, Agent Locke sees Chief as a traitor, and he is on the hunt to kill him.

    View attachment: Halo5trailer.png

    What is your opinion on this trailer? I am so pumped personally for October 27th, HALO 5 FTW. Comment below and give me your thoughts! Thanks for reading chaps!

  24. Halo 5: Guardians #HuntTheTruth Teaser Released...

    A new trailer was revealed showcasing what was behind the #HuntTheTruth ad campaign and further increasing our confusion and hype!

    Credits to Self Destruct, Church, and everyone else who helped mine this out as well as P34nut for the first article on Hunt the Truth. On the Tumblr.com link to Hunt the Truth, an ad campaign for Halo 5, people were able to fish out a 15 second video showing someone using a UNSC class Sniper with an oddly shaped penetration bullet to blow away Master Chief's visor and destroy his helmet. On the bullet, things are inscribed, but no one has deciphered them yet, though Church claims the word 'Truth' is on there, so it's possible that it says 'Hunt the Truth'. A tiny burst of the classic Halo monk chant plays ominously as it ends with an Xbox One logo. As far as who is betraying the Chief and attempting to kill him, we are currently unsure, but Locke and his squad (rumored: Buck, Romeo, and Macer) seem unlikely as Locke has stated his goal is to "find out what they are" in reference to his motives for leaving, and Buck and Romeo are both unlikely candidates for betrayal following the events of New Blood. More details are likely to come in the future, but this is leading to a very interesting set of teases following the recent teaser of Locke jumping out of a Pelican on a sandy planet like the elite homeworld.

    View attachment: MCBullet.png

    This is really interesting so far, I'm excited to see where 343i takes this traitor storyline. With all these betrayals to the UNSC from previous operatives, I wonder what sort of Civil War will erupt from this. What do you think of this tease? What are your thoughts on the future? Lemme know below! Thanks for reading!

  25. Halo 5 Hunt the Truth? [UPDATE]

    It has been rather quiet around Halo 5 news lately, the only thing we got the last month was a 2 second teaser trailer that was featured in an Xbox ad (more on the trailer can be found here).
    Now Frank O'Conner has tweeted a link to tumblr with the hashtags #Halo5 and #HUNTtheTRUTH.

    The countdown is on http://huntthetruth.tumblr.com/ #Halo5 #HUNTtheTRUTH
    ~Frank O'Connor on Twitter

    Clicking this link will lead you to a site showing a bullet engraved with "Traitor" (see the image above), a countdown underneath it and the Halo 5: Guardians logo at the bottom of the site. There are also 2 buttons, one for sharing it yourself on Twitter and one for putting it on a calendar on a program of your choice as a reminder. Upon sharing the blog it will prefill your tweet with:

    What seems like the end, is only the beginning. http://huntthetruth.tumblr.com/ #HUNTtheTRUTH #Halo5

    Now this isn't a countdown to the release date of Halo 5 like you'd expect since it's currently standing at about 2-3 days.
    What this countdown is counting down to is still unknown, but rumours are that it's a countdown to a huge reveal of something Halo 5 related and that it has something to do with Agent Locke hunting the Master Chief who may have been dubbed as traitor by the UNSC.
    Alas we won't know for sure untill it hits 0, which is up and around coming Sunday.

    What do you think this countdown is counting down to?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! Posted Image


    People have gone around digging in the source code and found a image that was "supposed" to be on the background which shows nothing but a few blue dots, seems pointless right? So why would it be hidden?
    This questions led to people mucking around a bit more with the image which resulted in this:


    Upper left has the word "Demons" and lower right sais "gods" which is rumoured to be linked to the Gravemind as one of his lines in the games is "I have defied gods and demons".
    Is this a small hint towards the Flood?
    Only time will tell.
    What do you think?