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  1. Infection/Noble Team Armors Revealed in Latest...

    In the video provided by ReadyUpLive above you can see all the goodness mentioned if you pay close attention.

    Infection was the obvious headliner in this but did you notice they were playing on a remix of Torque?
    Posted Image

    With Jun's Scout Mk. V [GEN 1] armor. (NOT OFFICIAL NAME FOR HALO 5)
    Posted Image

    Jorge's Mk. V [GEN 1] Grenadier set. (UNOFFICIAL DESIGNATION)
    Posted Image

    Kat's Mk. V [GEN 1] Air Assault variant with her signature Command Network Module-Improved and Up Armor plate attachments (UNOFFICIAL DESIGNATION).
    Posted Image

    And of course, Emile's Mk. V [GEN 1] EVA with scratched skull and Kukri knife while infected.
    Posted Image

    What do you guys think? If we're getting these all in next update then it should be the biggest to date. Memories of Reach's teaser stole the show yesterday after the live stream of the Ghosts of Meridian update launching TODAY. Leave thoughts on what you want to see next month!

    Huge thanks to HTA for providing screenshots.

  2. Halo 5: Guardians Live-Action Trailer Revealed...

    A new trailer is up for Halo 5: Guardians that depicts Agent Locke possibly looking to kill the Master Chief. No wait, not possibly, definitely!

    This came so far out of left field I don't even know where to begin. Xbox's YouTube.com channel released our Halo 5: Guardians trailer today, along with a new episode of Hunt the Truth. The trailer shows Locke with his DMR walking through a glassed colony world and confronting the Chief, standing battered and injured against a memorial in his name. Locke chastises and mocks Chief whilst preparing to kill him. He pulls out his pistol, and the trailer ends. This also reveals the release date, October 27th, 2015. As pointed out by Yoshi, the infinity sits in the background, looking a bit battered itself, and it seems this is the same location as a piece of concept art from a while ago. We will get more answers as to why Locke looks to kill Chief later on, but as of right now, Agent Locke sees Chief as a traitor, and he is on the hunt to kill him.

    View attachment: Halo5trailer.png

    What is your opinion on this trailer? I am so pumped personally for October 27th, HALO 5 FTW. Comment below and give me your thoughts! Thanks for reading chaps!