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  1. Community Spotlight: ForgeHub

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    ForgeHub is the center for all things Forge-related in the Halo Community. From map design to scripting, ForgeHub has a tutorial and/or several individuals who can help at any time. ForgeHub is home to several well-known Forgers and community members including WARHOLIC, Chronmeister, Commander Colson, and xdemption just to name some. Above you can see an image of their homepage which is updated frequently with news and tutorials (look at that awesome screenshot they got there!). Speaking of front page articles, this one is one of my favorite recurring articles on the site:

    Posted Image
    Posted Image

    "...Forge-Cast is an article idea that i came up with that comes out every Monday. It gives a little recap of the previous week but mainly lists and talks about upcoming lobbies and article that are happening through out the week. This way people who visit the site can click on the front page article and be taken to a list of lobbies and what time they start, as well as a link to the lobby's thread.
    Getting a lobby into the Forge-Cast is easy, all you need is to be a member of the site, post in the forums that you are starting a lobby, and list the times and other details about the lobby. I then see the lobby and put it into the article." - Sir Iron Wolf.

    The Forge-Cast is also the number 1 source of our Community Calendar's content and we have Sir Iron Wolf to thank for that.

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    The Forums page hosts the Shoutbox which stays active at almost all hours of the day. ForgeHub doesn't have a lot of different forums as you can see so that keeps things easy and less cluttered. Being a Forge-based community, they don't need many other forums. This tab is also the place to find the most recent threads and see who's online.

    Posted Image

    The Map Database is separate from the Maps tab and is found in the forums. It's a catalog of different maps and discussions from each Halo game era. This keeps their Maps page and forums clean and up to date. Thousands of threads kept for accessing old files and proof of ForgeHub's transcendence through the different ages of Halo.

    Posted Image

    The Map library on ForgeHub is rivaled by none even today. Above are the 2000+ maps submitted to ForgeHub in only Halo 5: Guardians. Adding a map starts with a click of a button but then requires a description, player count, supported gametypes, images, and more. Not actually a difficult process. At the top you'll spot featured maps which include Sikamikanico's Fever Pitch, SaltyKoala's Port 66, and WyvernZu's Infinity Siege. You can't go wrong looking for a map on ForgeHub. And if you're a Forger yourself, then this is also a great place to get your map tested.

    Posted Image

    Lastly, here's a view of the current staff on ForgeHub minus a couple (sorry AlexVan and Doju). This is also not counting cartographers and 343 employees that frequent the site like WARHOLIC, AnonFriction, NOKYARD, and Godly Perfection.

    So whether it's a place to show off your latest project, get it tested, or even get ideas or inspiration for future projects, I'd say ForgeHub is your destination. And then Twam said 'let all the Halo niche sites work together in piece and reunite the Halo Community.' Don't forget to follow ForgeHub on Twitterfor updates like their interview with the Tom French and Nahil Sharkasi of 343 Industries. While you're at it, read me and ForgeHub admin Sir Iron Wolf's latest interview. And finally look to their YouTubefor map features and tutorials. The end.

  2. Halo 2: Anniversary Forge

    Halo 2: Anniversary Forge

    As part of IGN first, 343i shows us how Forge will work in Halo 2 on their new 'Forge World'.

    We will start off with a huge blank canvas, everything you see around you is part of the skybox so you can do everything you want to do. Place huge slabs of terrain to create an island to work on, go place some trees and rocks to make it look more natural. Once you go in to player mode everything will connect with eachother almost seamlessly.

    As an example we get to see an entire map as large a Coagulation forged by one of the dev's to show us what we all can do when we get out hands on.
    You'll be able to place interactive elements on the map. Like the EMP which is also featured in Coagulation, switches like we saw in Zenith and interactive doors activated by consoles like we saw in Stonetown. And yes the "Blue screen of death" appears on them when activated like in the original Zanzibar console. :D

    But it doesn't stop there!
    Using the consoles you can also spawn in set items in Player mode. From as small as a bridge to entire race tracks. Get creative! ;)

    What's also worth pointing out is that we get a glimpse of Beaver Creek that the dev's forged in.
    Didn't your favourite map get remade? You can now Forge it yourself!

    Get a look at it for yourself here:

    Have you already got an idea about how you're going to use the Forge?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D

  3. 343iCF Weekly Site Wrapup 11/4/13

    Ok so we skipped a week and now it's time for a late Wrapup:

    Primary Announcement: I've made the first tags the prefixes for these threads as a little extra pizzazzzzzzz


    Posted Image

    There are ideas in the works so don't worry too much. We just want them to be as good as possible for you guys to enjoy and not have repeats of that time where it was just me, Boss, and JL playing Reach campaign talking about RP for 2 hours.

    Member Created Events

    BUNS' Totally Boss Halo 3 Playdate

    Posted Image
    Member of the Month, Buns, teams up with D-38 Boss, who has an almost perfect attendance record for Events, to bring you a night full of Halo 3 fun. Read the details including time and RSVPing by clicking the emblem above.

    Halo 4's Birthday Playdate

    Posted Image

    New blood UNSC Spartan II collaborated with Beckoningzebra on this one to bring everyone to Halo 4 for its anniversary! Make it if you can, it's bound to be a good time!

    Related: Populate Halo 4 Day

    Here's a video by our good friend Brett supporting the idea of bringing players back to Halo 4 so this should be extra incentive to join UNSC Spartan II and BZ in their Event and have some good old fashion Halo 4 fun!

    We still want your ideas so post them here.


    DocSpartanO07 - One of our finest and most vigilant Community Moderators. A senior member who reminds me of what this forum is all about and where it's come from.


    Forging The Future

    Posted Image

    The future of Machinima has arrived! Here is a huge project started by our Art Department's Gryffin in association with THFE and ourselves. He's got a lot of members voice acting for him and we're backing this Machinima 100%. It's about 5 Spartans that get sent to Earth to find Monitors that landed there after Requiem exploded. There is lots of work being put into this project by many members of the site and we should see S1E1 here at some point!

    343 Industries Community Forge Project

    By this point you should know what the CFP is and if you don't then read about it here.

    Post some ideas for our community in the CFP Idea Discussion thread here.

    You will partake in the Community Forge Project...

    Sand/Snow in Halo 4 Forge

    Posted Image

    Talented Forger RegrettedKarma came across some awesome content by the OnlineKnights that shows you how you can make it look like there's snow of sand on your map in Halo 4's Forge. Very interesting stuff and just another example of how limitless Halo 4's Forge is. Check out his post and the video by the OnlineKnights by clicking the image. Isn't that a nice image of Forged snow?

    Featured Map

    Nuclear Bombs in Halo 4

    Posted Image

    Here's a really unique idea for a map. It's based on a timer and after that timer is up a big flash appears on screen and everyone dies.. Which explains the name. It's really fun and has potential for a lot of mini games. This map was made by the member JooJoona and is better explained by him in his map submission thread.


    Meet Xbox One

    Posted Image
    So if you haven't seen it yet I suggest you click the picture and check it out. It's a very cool video by Microsoft showing off the Kinect 2 features the Xbox One has and flaunts the Xbox One's agile ability to switch and snap functions with just your voice.

    Halo: Spartan Assault: Coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One
    Posted Image
    Great news! A lot of Halo fans have been waiting for this and it's been confirmed that this holiday season, Halo: Spartan Assault will be available for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Prepare to drop. (< Unrelated ODST reference). Article by BZ!

    Xbox One: Invitation

    If you own a tv for anything other than video games then you have to have seen this already but in case you didn't here's the video provided by Choot 'em. I'm a fan! Leave Choot comments and likes.

    For more Gaming News check out the latest on our Front Page.


    Crazy Grunt's Riddle Challenge Round 5
    Posted Image

    The Crazy Grunt's Riddle Challenge is a long lasting forum game here and it's fifth round has seen its death and is trying to make a revival thanks to haloman2. It's a fun game if you love riddles and puzzles and above is a picture of the very exclusive Award you get if you win the Crazy Grunt's Riddle Challenge!


    Posted Image

    What? Buns gets a section of the Wrapup to himself again? This can't be right.. But wait it is! It is exactly right and it has never been MORE right! Buns is our newest Member of the Month! Find his MoM Post by clicking his profile pic there.

    Announcement here.

    Another one bites the dust. Now scroll back up and read it all over again.

  4. Halo 4 Free Roaming Flood Forge Off!

    Posted Image

    For those of you who love forging Zombie invested landscapes or feel like it is time for you to take a stab at creating a brain sucking nightmare we challenge you to bring our worst dreams to life with the living dead!

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    This will be a forge contest based on

    Posted Image

    Forgers are required to use the

    Posted Image

    Every map must be suitable for play with 10-12 players per game.

    We encourage you to test your maps before you submission to the contest.

    You are only allowed to submit one map per forger or forge team.

    You may forge with a partner, but only one prize per map will be offered.

    To sign up for the contest, you must reply to this thread, listing your file share gamer tag, map name, description (if you choose) and only one image.

    Your map must be tagged with "DFO1" and remain in your file share for the duration of the contest and judging.

    Posted Image

    Judging based on a 30 point system with 10 points per each category.

    Categories are:

    Map Balance


    Game Play

    Posted Image

    Donut of 343industries.org, Elliot of ForgeHub.com, Absolute Dog of 343industries.org

    Play Testing provided by

    Posted Image

    Posted Image

    1st Place

    Prize is either the Champions Bundle for Halo 4 (releases August 20th), 1600 ms points, or 3 month XBL gold.

    Feature video on both THFE 's and Mr Pokefiles You Tube Channels

    Choice of concept art for either Impact, Erosion or Ravine signed by

    Certain Affinity

    2nd Place

    Feature video on both THFE's and Mr Pokefiles You Tube Channels

    Choice of concept art for either Impact, Erosion or Ravine signed by

    Certain Affinity

    3rd Place

    Feature video on both THFE's and Mr Pokefiles You Tube Channels

    Due Date

    Final map submissions are due no later than 11:59 PM EST August 31st

    The Questions and Answers thread

    Hivemind Game Type

    Free Roam Flood Tutorial


    Forge Hub

    Flood images used for this thread were obtained from Sneaky Baron.

    • Jul 31 2013 03:43 PM
    • by Donut
  5. "Meet Your Maker" - Dominion

    That's right........"Meet Your Maker" Forge Contest is back!

  6. Halo 4 Panel Pax East

    Posted Image

    Here is the Halo 4 panel from PAX east where the 343 team discusses all things multiplayer for Halo 4. They talk to us about the new TU coming, the new castle map pack and we get a demonstration of the new forge world. So enjoy.

    The video was uploaded by Podtac TV.

    • Mar 23 2013 01:26 PM
    • by Adam91
  7. Forge World Coming To Halo 4?

    Could It Be Possible That We Are

    Getting A Forge World For Halo 4?

    Halo4Follower got tipped to go back and look at the images from the Valentines Day

    Waypoint Bulletin because there were some questionable images.

    He came out with a video analyzing these images so take a look below.


    Video By: Halo4Follower

    What do you think about these images?

    In my personal opinion I think it could be possible that they would

    give us a forge world spin off of some sort.

    They have been very responsive to the community about a lot of other very specific aspects.

    In particular this image

    Posted Image

    Picture By: Halo Waypoint

    This looks like Montana and Alaska from forge world but if you look closely

    it looks redefined in a Halo 4 sort of way.

    And in reach new forge environment became available with some DLC as well.

    Could this be 343 hinting at a new forge world in the upcoming DLC?

    Leave your thoughts in the comments below

  8. Far Cry 3 Map "Creator"

    So Far Cry 3 is Just Around The Corner

    And It Looks Sweet

    Posted Image

    Far Cry is not a game that I've ever gotten into,

    but this review suddenly makes me want to.

    Our very own, The Halo Forge Epidemic, has done a stunning review

    for this up and coming game.

    They did the review because they are technically a "gaming" channel so they

    fall under all gaming categories.

    But they also fit well with this game because of it's stunning


    Here is the video.


    Video By THFE

    What do you guys think of this impressive forging engine?

    Just Imagine what you can do.

  9. New Halo 4 Forge Video From GameSpot (New Forge...

    "Create beautiful maps almost by accident in Halo 4's overhauled Forge mode. Kynan Pearson and Lori Zawada walk us through the improvements to Forge."

    Source: http://www.gamespot....iveHalo4ForgeMo


    A new 10+ minute long Halo 4 Forge video showcasing a new amazing Forge environment and a lot more. Check it out right now!

    Insane stuff! :thumbsup:

    • Oct 09 2012 12:08 PM
    • by VEF214
  10. Remade Map confirmed to be returning in halo 4

    Posted Image

    Information From Frank's Twitter

    Frank O'Connor has tweeted confirming that a map remake will be in Halo 4. He has not confirmed which map it is yet but gives a very brief description.

    Here is what he said:

    "Halo 4 only includes one map remake. I know what it is, it is good. It will cause the least drama of any new thing. It is NOT Small."

    I'm thinking maybe its Blood Gulch but who knows, leave a comment on what map you want it to be.

    • Sep 09 2012 03:58 AM
    • by Adam91