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  1. Activision Facing A 5% Layoff Despite "Reco...

    The cut in staff is alleged to be about 5% of the workforce, which is monumental after such a carefree conference. Activision Publishing is allegedly the only branch applying these layoffs, with Blizzard and MLG notably not affected. Developers Infinity Ward, Beenox, and Treyarch took the brunt of the hit, with around 20 people laid off at Infinity Ward, the developers of the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare.

    This also comes after Activision’s CEO stated that he felt Infinite Warfare did not resonate with fans, and promised a return to form in 2017. Activision reported a “better-than-expected” fourth quarter, citing record sales numbers. Their line-up for 2017 so far looks precariously slim, with only two main titles, Destiny 2 and Call of Duty, gracing the market so far.

    Source: Kotaku.com

  2. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 4 player co-op m...

    As we all know, all recent Call of Duty titles have had a 4 player co-op mode. The most popular was of course the Zombie mode with an infinite amount of waves of bloodthirsty zombies and easter eggs galore.

    This time though it's NOT going to be zombies that will be the 4 player co-op mode in Advanced Warfare. This time it'll be something a little more subtle.
    This new mode is called "Exo Survival" which, instead of zombies, will feature waves of hostile infantry, drones and mech.
    Fits in with the new theme perfectly!

    A new trailer with gameply of this new mode, along with a few other cool things to look at, can be seen down here:

    Here's a rough breakdown.
    -costomizable characters
    -"special" waves of enemies
    -Lots of mechs
    -Lots of bullets
    -Lots of carnage!

    Do you think this will be better than the old trusty zombie mode?
    Let us know down below!
    Thank you for reading! :D


  3. Weekly News Wrap-Up - 9/20/14

    Hola amigos, you may know me by a host of different names, some call me Edward, some call me Vin, but one thing everyone knows me as is The Director (of the WNW)! For those of you that might not have known, this wasn't actually started by me, it was pioneered by Archangel Tyrael, so thank him for all of these reading sensations. Anyways, let's get down to it! We have Collector's Editions, Achievements, and more!

    View attachment: WNW 92014.JPG

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Achievements Revealed
    Are you one of the six people left on the earth that is excited for the next Call of Duty? If so I have good news, as a full list of achievements for the upcoming game Advanced Warfare have been revealed, thanks to IGN.com. While I can't list all of them here, a few notable ones are Carma, which you earn by killing an enemy with a car door, Maximum Overdrive, killing 50 enemies with your Overdrive ability, and Where Are You Going, by taking out an AST with an EMP grenade. And of course alongside these you have your typical campaign completion achievements for all 13 missions, and completing the entirety on the different difficulties. As well achievements for doing certain activities with your new EXO abilities are riddled through the list. Five achievements have yet to be revealed which look to be tied to an unannounced game mode, possibly an Extinction or Zombies mode.

    View attachment: cod_xbox360.png

    Are you amped up to earn all these new achievements/trophies in the game when it releases? Discuss below!

    Bloodborne Collector's Edition and Release Date Revealed
    When Bloodborne, From Software's (not from Software, the company's name is From Software, seriously) newest Action RPG from Dark Souls fame, was revealed at E3 2014, jaws were dropped and hype levels increased, so I'm sure you're just as eager as I am to find out a release date. GameSpot.com reports that at TGS this year the game was announced to have a confirmed release date of February 6, 2015 in North America and Europe. As well, a Collector's Edition was revealed, for a price of $79.99 retail price. It will include a Steelbook, the game itself, an Artbook, and the soundtrack. As well, a closed beta for the game was recently announced, with Sony Europe sending invitations. The game will release on the date above exclusively for PS4.

    View attachment: bloodborne-collectors-edition.jpg

    Are you picking up the Collector's Edition, the standard edition, or none at all? Let me know below!

    Destiny Breaks Twitch's Streaming Records, 20 Million Views
    Destiny can't seem to get out of our minds no matter what we do, it's like Activision has created another smash hit marketing machine that will last decades, and proof of this is some new record news from Twitch. GameSpot.com gave the news that Twitch announced for Destiny, how it had broken previous streaming records. Almost 240 Million minutes of streaming gameplay was recorded for the game, and videos garnered over 20 Million views. The game had made over $325 Million in revenue in the first five days alone! It seems to have outperformed nearly every game this year, even the huge hit Watch_Dogs. Twitch's marketing executive spoke on the matter, saying, "To date, Destiny is the biggest console game launch of the year on Twitch. Our passionate community of broadcasters attracted more than 5 million unique viewers in the first week." Bungie's community manager David Dague also commented, calling it nothing short of amazing.

    View attachment: Destiny_090914_16001.jpg

    What's your take on this news? Does Destiny deserve the attention it is receiving? Debate below!

    Thanks a lot for reading, a lot of this news was planned the night before, so I apologize if these articles don't seem insanely 'fresh'. Have a great day, and stay sexy people.

    Oh and by the way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎

  4. Two New Xbox One Bundles Announced!

    At Gamescom 2014 in Cologne, Germany today Microsoft announced two new bundles releasing for it's next generation console, the Xbox One!

    If you were tuning in this morning to Microsoft's Press Event at Gamescom in Germany, you were able to get a world premiere look at some brand new reveals. One of the most exciting of these reveals was the announcement of two new bundles for the Xbox One, view-able on Xbox.com, this fall you can pick up a Sunset Overdrive bundle and a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle. The Sunset Overdrive bundle includes a white Xbox One, controller, and a digital download code for the game with it's Day One DLC. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle contains a metallic Advanced Warfare themed console and controller, a copy of the Day Zero edition of the game, and any accompanying Day One add-on content for the game. The Advanced Warfare bundle also contains a massive 1TB hard-drive, equaling more then double the space of the original. The Sunset Overdrive bundle has not been announced to also contain this 1TB hard-drive as of yet. Both are available for pre-order right now, and the Sunset Overdrive bundle launches October 28th, the Advanced Warfare bundle November 3rd respectively. Both are available in limited quantities so pre-ordering early is essential?

    View attachment: bundles.JPG

    Are you going to be picking up either bundle? Discuss below everyone, thanks for reading!

  5. Weekly News Wrap-Up - 8/09/14

    Hello everyone, and welcome to another issue of the Weekly News Wrap-Up! Before I start, I'd like to honour my grandmother, Maria, who unfortunately passed on. Her birthday was yesterday and I went to visit her grave for the first time in years. She was an amazing woman, who worked all day and raised a household of three children in a country where immigrants like her had to work hard for every cent they made. May she rest in peace, her legacy live on. Now, unto the wrap-up.

    View attachment: WNW 80914.JPG

    Battlefield 4 Free On Origin For 7 Days
    Though many haven't heard, EA has launched a new rewards program on Origin known as 'Game Time', which was covered on the Weekly News Wrap-Up when Titanfall was free. Origin.com reports that this time players can get Battlefield 4 for free for the next week, an odd choice of game considering Titanfall, a much fresher game, came before this in the game time service. You can pick Battlefield 4 up on August 14th at 10:00 A.M. Pacific Time. Once you start playing, the clock ticks down, so if you choose to grab it now and don't play it for another week, fear not, for it's tied to each player's game time. If you wish to buy Battlefield 4 on PC after, all your achievements and data are saved thanks to Origin. The clock does in fact run down even while you're away, as long as the game is activated.

    View attachment: Free-Battlefield-4-China-Rising-DLC-Can-t-Be-Transferred-from-Current-to-Next-Gen-Consoles.jpg

    Are you picking Battlefield 4 up in this exclusive deal, or does it not interest you enough to snag? Debate below!

    Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PC Specifications Revealed
    If any of you are picking up Advanced Warfare over Steam this fall, you might be wondering what it's specifications are so that you can prepare your computer for the game, if so I have great news! IGN.com reports that Activision has shown off the specifications, and I'll walk you through them. You'll need Windows 7 or Windows 8, both need to be 64 bit. You're going to need an Intel Core 2 Duo E8200 2.66 GHZ (Gigahertz) or an AMD Phenom X3 8750 2.4 GHZ or better processor, with Intel Core i5 - 680 recommended. Next up, a MINIMUM 6GB Ram or 8GB recommended Ram, and 40GB worth of HDD space. A NVIDIA GeForce GTX or ATI Radeon are needed, with NVIDIA GeForce's better models being more recommended. Finally, any DirectX compatible sound card will do. To put that in perspective, Call of Duty Ghosts had nearly the same specifications, even down to the required space.

    View attachment: call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-key-art-01.jpg

    Is your PC up to par to run Advanced Warfare, will you be purchasing the game for PC? Let me know below!

    Far Cry 4 Creative Lead Discusses Game; Claims Improvements Made
    One of the hottest games of Fall 2014, Far Cry 4, the sequel to the 2012 action game Far Cry 3, has been critically acclaimed by critics so far with it's intense trailers and immense hype. WIth all of this hype however, people may fear the game is too similar to it's predecessor, but Creative Director Alex Hutchinson was interviewed and discussed his time on the project. He said, "For me, the most important things are enabling more player agency, building better tools and adding co-op so people can create more interesting player stories, and trying to make a seamless experience." He also described how gameplay would challenge the player in new and inventive ways, and among other things stated the fresh dynamic between the main protagonist and antagonist, with the villain of the game not actually wanting to kill the hero. Alex teased Spartan Ops-esque missions as well, set outside the main area, possibly connecting Far Cry 3 to Far Cry 4? For now, we don't know, he refused to comment more and told us we'd have new details on these missions, being developed outside of the Ubisoft branch making the main game, soon.

    View attachment: far_cry_4_new_game-wide.jpg

    Are you excited for Far Cry 4; Have you pre-ordered? Discuss in the thread!

    Thanks for reading everyone, gotta end here as I've gotta eat, but I'll see you all next week on the WEEKLY. NEWS. WRAP-UP.


  6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Official Announc...

    The next Call of Duty title, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, has been announced under Sledgehammer Games and Activision.

    Call of Duty: Ghosts, while having some good areas, was critically panned by most players as repetitive and stale, so naturally, the next game would need to out-do it's predecessor spectacularly. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the next step in the Call of Duty franchise, was revealed a few hours ago, but leaked information was shown quite some time back. Call of Duty's official YouTube.com channel made the official reveal, but Destructoid.com has the information beforehand. Destrucoid leaked the game surrounding a Private Military Corporation seceding from the US government. You play as a Soldier in this corporation, for once not under the US flag, under Kevin Spacey's character, who is the leader of this corporation. Exo-suits will incorporate as well, giving players a hefty library of abilities like cloaking, scaling, and jumping. The official trailer showcases Knight-esque Suits, possibly hinting at customization of our suits, and Spider shaped tanks in-game. The in-game graphics are, impressively, on an Xbox One, showcasing the system's power.

    View attachment: CoDAdvancedWarfare.png

    Are you going to purchase this next Call of Duty, or has Ghost left a sour taste in your mouth that may never heal? Let me know, and if you enjoyed this article be sure to Like and Comment, and leave feedback below, see you next time!

  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops II Launch Trailer

    Posted Image

    The launch trailer for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.


  8. Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies Debut Trailer

    Posted Image

    The debut trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies mode. Open world and lots of zombies. Hope you like Avenged Sevenfold.

    Thanks to G4TV for the video