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[GameSpot] - Fortnite X Nike Collab Offers Real Merch Along With In-Game Cosmetics


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This week, Epic Games and Nike announced Airphoria, a new collaboration between the two companies that introduced some awesome new Nike Air Max-branded skins and other cosmetics to Fortnite this week. But this is a fashion collaboration, and these things go both ways--and that means that Nike also has new Fortnite-branded merch in the real world that it wants to sell you.

The Fortnite merch in this round includes standard Fortnite x Nike Air Max T-shirts, a Fortnite x Nike Air Max long-sleeve tee, and T-shirts that sport the Airphoria logo. The regular T-shirts sell for $35, and the long-sleeve shirt goes for $40.

In Fortnite itself, you can buy two wacky new Nike Air Max outfits from the item shop--a man made of shoes called Maxxed Out Maxx, and a plastic woman named Airie--along with two sneaker-themed pickaxes and a glider that is literally just a pair of Nike Air Maxes. The outfits come only in a bundle for 1800 V-Bucks, and the gear is bundled for 1300 or can be purchased individually.

On top of all these Fortnite x Nike Air Max cosmetics you can buy both digitally in Fortnite and also in the real world, this collaboration includes the Airphoria map in Fortnite's Creative mode. Players who spend at least ten minutes in the Airphoria map before it goes away on June 27 will get a Nike Air Max 1 '86 back bling for free.

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I saw that Fortnite and Nike are teaming up, and I think it's pretty awesome! I mean, not only do you get cool in-game stuff but also real Nike gear that matches? That's like hitting the jackpot of the style of those shoes right there. It's like they're saying, "Hey, why choose between looking good in-game or out when you can do both?" I'm loving the idea of rocking those kicks both online and when I'm out and about. It's like leveling up your wardrobe game in real life and in the virtual world at the same time. Definitely got my eye on grabbing some of that swag.

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