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Reworking a Few Mechanics

OG Chipper

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First, switching from a simple motion tracker to a fully interactive tactical map on the HUD would be nice. You can put an interact option on the d pad to open up an entire map of the battlefield. Instead of limiting the motion sensor to individual use, the tactical map, when opened, might show each of your teammates tracking scans and whatever they pick up with their sensors.


Instead of showing ALL enemy movement, limit it to display only the movement of unshielded, damaged opponents as well as those who are sprinting and firing their weapons.


Now to make all this work, you might actually have to start with making the Spartans theoretically much stronger, faster, and tougher, while adjusting the weapons to use heavier, armor-piercing, more powerful ammunition(s). I'll explain that later, but first let me talk about the armor and explain a couple things:


So keep the basic recoil and overall feel of most rifles unchanged, just readjust the story canon to fit in a new generation of Spartans, sensors, weapons, and MJOLNIR armor systems that work a little differently to handle far more powerful weapons and opponents.


Okay so I wouldn't necessarily get rid of the current shield system with MJOLNIR, but instead, offer a few upgrades and options to use. One such option is the choice to either switch to or bundle together both the kinetic over-shield and (new idea here) a much slower-charging ABLATIVE armor layer that DOES NOT show up on motion trackers unless, as I said, it is damaged or the player sprints.


Now, instead of just the old-fashioned recharging shields, adjust it to where each armor piece has its own health, which, when severely damage, slows or stops the shields from recharging around THAT PARTICULAR PIECE OF ARMOR. Thus, headshots would not necessarily always be a priority in every situation, say, if the chest piece is damaged and the head is not. This chipping away at the enemy's defense is common in fighting games, actually, though not quite the same as what I'm describing here.


One could add armor repair kits at (re)spawn and/or stragegically placed on maps that would work near instantaneously upon use to buff the players' armors back to perfect, working order. That way, if my shields are low and I'm hurt, I might be able to instantly heal myself to get a multikill instead of dying in the middle of a fight. It would also serve to keep me from being tracked on enemy sensors.

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