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Forge Armory: Weapon Customization

OG Chipper

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Just imagine being able to create and fine-tune a custom arsenal of Halo weaponry and save (and share) your custom weapon blueprints with anyone. I've wanted to see this for such a long time. I mean.. I'd stop short of crying tears of joy, but having the option(s) for creating custom weapon blueprints would be nothing short of amazing for a sandbox shooter like this great one we have here.


I know that if I could, I'd be able to customize everything from the ammo-type and caliber, actual damage output, special effects (like tracer color), reticle/cursor style and size, etc. Also fine-tuning performance, blast radius, and effects (like shock, stun, and duration of effect) of a lot of weapons in addition to the hard data stats and specs of things as complex as recoil, rate of fire, effective ranges, aim assist/magnetism... you name it... would be unbelievable!!


I've always wanted a fully automatic, select-fire Battle Rifle with a small, precision reticle and higher sniper-style zoom (adjustable from like 3.5x to 20x) that kills in exactly 7 shots to the head to use as a power weapon on a map like blood gulch...


I would probably die if of a "gunsmith"-style weapon creator/editor were added to halo. It would be unprecedented in a halo game and would most definitely attract armies of new and old players alike.

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