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[GameSpot] - Roblox Will Now Hide Ads For Users Under 13 And Ban Ads For Insect Body Parts


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The gigantic gaming platform Roblox has announced changes to its community standards, and the big update pertains to advertising to children. An update to the Roblox Community Standards states that Roblox will now hide all advertising content from users under the age of 13.

Anyone creating a game inside Roblox needs to understand and follow the rules or use action could be taken against their account, including account suspension, Roblox Corp. said.

Roblox is making these changes seemingly in response to the Truth in Advertising complaint to the FTC about how Roblox "surreptitiously" hawks advertisements at children. The organization said Roblox was guilty of "digital deception" and not doing enough to "ensure compliance with truth in advertising laws," according to GI.biz.

In addition to rolling out changes to hide ads from users under 13, Roblox updated its list of "prohibited advertising" content categories. Among other things, ads for NFTs and cryptocurrency are now banned, as are advertisements for online dating services. Ads for fortune-tellers and funeral services are banned, too, along with advertisements for insects, including their individual body parts and byproducts.

In other news, Roblox Corp. recently disclosed that it had $150 million stored at the ill-fated Silicon Valley Bank, but the company told investors not to worry. The company got it all back when the US government stepped in.

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