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Hello, first time coming onto these forums. Unfortunately with a bad experience. My EVGA RTX 3090 Gaming Ultra FTW3 gpu just died due to Halo Reach MCC. And in the strangest of ways.


PC Specs:

EVGA RTX 3090 Gaming Ultra FTW3

Intel I7-12700K

ASUS Z690 TUF Gaming Plus Wifi D4

Noctua NH-D15 Chromax.Black CPU Cooler

32GB Crucial Ballistix 3200mhz cl16 DDR4 (2x16)

2tb Inland m.2 PCIE Gen 4 (7000r/6850w) - Installed on this drive

1tb Samsung 980 PCIE Gen 3

EVGA 1000w G5 Supernova 80+ Gold

Fractal Design Torrent Case

Running Windows 10

Drivers and Windows all up to date


GPU never exceeds 63c. I had no issues while playing halo reach, but when I opened the settings during the portion of the second level when you see the marines who had been interrogated, the case and gpu fans sped up to max, there was a pop, the entire computer restarted, and the GPU would not come back on. I replaced the gpu with my 3080 TI from my living room build, and everything is working fine again. I have never had these issues or anything remotely similar occur with any other game or scenario. I had no undervolt or overclock on the GPU. I have ran benchmarks which fully utilized the GPU and stress tested the system several times. Can one of the Devs respond with some sort of insight as to why this would have happened, as I am now out of a 3090 due to this situation.


Thank you in advance.

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