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[GameSpot] - Apex Legends Mobile Loba's Soirée Event Guide - All Challenges And Rewards

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Apex Legends Mobile' has added Loba to the game with the recent Cold Snap update, and launched a themed event to celebrate her arrival. The new Loba's Soirée event, rewards players for opening Frosted Supply Bins and collecting diamonds in Winter Warfare, the popular mobile game's icy new twist on battle royale.

While rewards are chosen at random, all of them can be obtained for free by completing challenges and using diamonds to redeem Draw Tickets. Draw Tickets can then be used to draw a random reward from the prize pool, which consists of eight rewards in total. The rewards include a mobile-exclusive Loba skin and a Loba-themed avatar for your in-game profile.

Getting started

Upon firing up the game, you'll be met with a splash screen advertising the event, but you can also navigate to the event page via the banner advertisement on the right-hand side of the main lobby screen. Once there, you can get a closer look at the prizes and the challenges required to obtain them. Beneath the prize pool, you will see a small "+" symbol. Select it to open a window that lists all of the challenges for the event. Once you're ready, pick a challenge and select "Go!" to be taken directly into a match, or load into one from the main lobby screen.


There are five challenges in this event, and each of them reward players with GPS pieces that can then be redeemed for Draw Tickets. The first three challenges refresh every day, while the last two are cumulative. The challenges for Loba's Soirée are as follows:

  • Play 1 battle royale match (refreshes daily): 1 GPS piece
  • Open 3 Frosted Supply Bins (refreshes daily): 2 GPS pieces
  • Loot 200 diamonds (refreshes daily): 2 GPS pieces
  • Loot 1000 diamonds: 3 GPS pieces
  • Open 20 Frosted Supply Bins: 3 GPS pieces

Draw Tickets

Once you've completed a challenge or two (it's actually quite easy to complete multiple challenges in a single match), head back to the challenge screen and select "redeem" to trade in your GPS pieces for Draw Tickets.

Beneath the prize pool on the event page is a button that says "open" with a number next to it. That number is how many Draw Tickets are required to draw a random reward from the prize pool. While your first draw will only cost you one ticket, the price increases with each round. Here are the prices for each drawing round.

  • First round: 1 Draw Ticket
  • Second and third rounds: 2 Draw Tickets
  • Fourth and fifth rounds: 3 Draw Tickets
  • Sixth and seventh rounds: 4 Draw Tickets
  • Final round: 5 Draw Tickets.

You will need a total of 23 Draw Tickets to obtain all eight prizes.

The Loba's Soirée event's prize pool


The following rewards are in the event's prize pool:

  • 30 Flux
  • 2,000 XP
  • 2,000 diamonds
  • 60 Flux
  • 3,000 XP
  • 3,000 diamonds
  • Snow Queen avatar portrait
  • The Common-tier Skyrise Mozambique skin
  • The Rare-tier Game Master Loba skin, labeled as the "Awesome Reward" on the prize pool screen
Loba's mobile-exclusive Game Master skin


  • Once a prize has been obtained, it is removed from the loot pool, so you will never receive a duplicate prize.
  • Draw Tickets and GPS pieces have a 1:1 exchange rate--if you collect five GPS pieces, you will get five Draw Tickets when you redeem them.
  • Frosted Supply Bins and the diamonds within them are only available in the Winter Warfare battle royale mode, so make sure you're choosing the correct game mode before you drop in.
  • Diamonds aren't just available in Frosted Supply Bins--you can also find them in the deathboxes of slain enemies.
  • When you hear the Apex Games announcer declare that the Climatizer has been activated, look at your map. Frosted and Diamond Supply Bins will be marked in blue.
  • Diamond Supply Bins outside the range of the Climatizer can still be opened, so don't worry too much if you're not in range of the Climatizer when it activates, just make sure to keep an eye out for Diamond Supply Bins once it does.
  • Playing as Loba is ideal, as she can steal diamonds from deathboxes via her Black Market, and quickly teleport to Frosted Supply bins using her Jump Drive ability.

Loba's Soirée runs until June 29, so players have plenty of time to gather diamonds and gain free loot.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on iOS and Android.

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