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[GameSpot] - God Of War Dev: It's "Awesome" That People Can Now Play With An Xbox Controller

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Sony's God of War releases on PC today, opening up the game to a new audience, some of whom might play the game using an Xbox or Nintendo controller. Technical production boss Matt DeWald was asked by Game Informer about how he feels about people playing God of War with an Xbox controller, and DeWald said it's "awesome."

The PC release was specifically designed with the idea that some people would use a controller from a rival company, DeWald said. "We even put in all the glyphs for you so you don't get confused by the button press. Yeah, we have no problems with that," he said. "You can even use a Switch controller here as well. You can definitely use any of the third-party controllers."

DeWald added: "We tried to add as many options as possible because why limit people who want to play the game?"

God of War launched in 2018 as a PlayStation exclusive, and it performed exceptionally well, selling 19.5 million copies by Sony's latest count. The game was technically already playable using third-party controllers, since it was released on PC through PlayStation Now.

For more, check out GameSpot's gameplay video above to see God of War in action on PC. You can also read GameSpot's updated God of War review and see what other critics think of God of War for PC.

The next God of War game, Ragnarok, is scheduled for release later this year on PS5 and PS4.

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