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New Halo Infinite Campaign Trailer

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I hope it isn't a collect-athon. I think people are going to complain that it isn't linear enough TBH.  Not focused.

May be similar to Metro Exodus? Open world pieces connected by linear set pieces, but you can still travel between the areas after the set piece.

I hope there isnt  any "This area is too high level for you spartan" destiny BS like that. No damage scaling where brutes in "high danger" zones can't be killed without bigger numbers. We'll see I guess.

Still needs some polish. Elites were default/T-posing when Chief jacked the Banshees.

I hope there is some way to customize visuals of Chief. People have mentioned a new game+ where you can import your MP Spartan, which would be cool. You can see some armor module customisation (shields, etc)

Anyone notice they changed the Brohammer Pelican video a wee bit? Chief now has a cable (grapple hook?) Attached when floating in space and when his suit is restarted.

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