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[GameSpot] - Transformers Are Joining Smite As Skins

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Smite is getting a Transformers battle pass, which is quite a different theme from Smite's previous Stranger Things-themed battle pass. Launching on November 16, the Smite x Transformers battle pass doesn't mean that autobots will enter as all-new playable characters in the MOBA game. Instead, certain Transformers will be available as skins for existing Smite gods.

Here's a list of which gods will get which autobot skin:

  • Starscream (Jing Wei)
  • Megatron (Ra)
  • Optimus Prime (Geb)

From the trailer, it looks like the skins are from Generation 1--the original Transformer franchise--designs, which is pretty great.

Smite's Transformers battle pass price isn't known yet, but the regular TMNT battle pass cost 750 gems, so roughly around $15 USD. The premium tier of the TMNT battle pass cost 1350 gems which is very roughly equivalent to $21 USD. Players can probably expect pricing for the Transformers battle pass to fall somewhere around those values.

Smite developer Hi Rez Studios has collaborated with quite a few big franchises for the MOBA's battle pass. There's the already mentioned Stranger Things battle pass, as well as previous crossovers with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Avatar: The Last Airbender--all of which only ran for limited time and are no longer available.

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