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WTHG stands for Warthog I am The Warthog Master, Background: In Halo 3 I met a man whos Gamertag at the time was SATWOLF making a long story short I spent a year just practicing with him and by myself and friends the game that the clan then and now plays is called monster trucks we use it for rank battles, clan wars and if you make it to be my second in command and challenge me for my title it will be a 1v1 on monster trucks. Anyway back to about the clan shortly after beating SATWOLF he changed his gamertag multiple times and removed all of his friends and pretty much fell off the face of halo and xbox as far as I know. After beating SATWOLF I waited until Halo Reach to start this clan back up again we had 30+ members at one time now it is just me and my elite 4 from people I had to kick or ban from the clan. In order to join you have to pass a kind of driving test in a time limit that will determine if you are in or not, then in monster trucks we do a free for all to see how well you do by yourself and then an everyone vs me to see how well you work with a team that determines your rank even though some still get placed on the bottom. Once that is over and if you get accepted clan tag,emblem, emblem/armor colors will be changed to match the clans and if you are caught with it changed differently you will be kicked. I make acceptions on holidays and only on the day must be changed back after though. I spent about a year fighting to get this title and 2 years with it so far and the other rule you must follow is to respect higher ranked mebers and I know arguments will arise as long as it eventually gets squashed I am fine but if it doesnt I will ban/kick both players I usually dont take sides unless one player is correct and I know it for a fact. There are only a handfull of other rules and if you want in message me I will tell you then. WTHG message Gamertag: SHfTCRAYON for entry or information.

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