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Xbox: To be? Or to BE?


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  1. 1. Xbox? next gen?

    • Xbox 720
    • XBOX Os X Snow leopard
    • Xbox NextGEN

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First off, an OS X Snow Leopard is completely and entirely impossible, it is a Macintosh/Apple Operating System, and Microsoft owns the Xbox, they are completely and entirely separate companies and there will never be a day when there will be a Mac OS in an XBOX system.


Secondly calling Bill Gates a "Retard" doesn't make any sense, Bill Gates stepped down from any position other than a non-executive chairman position, since '08. He still remains the largest share holder in Microsoft however he has no direct influence on any Microsoft products anymore.


Now I won't be the first to say that this forum is far from completely mature at times, but the humor we tie into those times is appropriate, calling out someone who is one of the biggest Philanthropists to date and calling him a "Retard" makes no sense at all, and it's completely inappropriate, I suggest you read the rules of this forum before you start posting again.

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I don't really care what name it is. I just want it to come out so that i can play it.

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