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[GameSpot] - Mythical Games Launches NFT Marketplace For Players To Trade In-Game Items

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Mythical Games, the studio behind the upcoming multiplayer title Blankos Block Party, has launched its own NFT Marketplace to allow players to trade in-game items for both traditional and cryptocurrencies.

The studio has been working on incorporating NFTs (non-fungible tokens) well before the current boom, with the idea to give players more control over in-game items they purchase. Mythical explains that the current market simply allows players to license content for in-game rewards, which remain tied to your account irrespective of if you continue using it or not.

With the Marketplace, Mythical hopes to give players more agency with their purchases. Not only will you be able to trade any in-game Blanko Vinyls you purchase, but you can also increase the level of cheaper, low-level items and eventually sell them at a profit. Since runs of vinyls are limited, especially those designed by some well-known artists, Mythical Games expects its 300,000 strong player base to start driving a communal economy that sees prices for some items fluctuate according to demand.

"Rolling out the Mythical Marketplace is the next big step for us toward creating true player-owned economies in games," said John Linden, CEO and co-founder of Mythical Games. "With the recent boom of NFTs and digital assets in pop culture, we're happy to be at the forefront of introducing these concepts to AAA games and leading the way to new sources of revenue and value creation for players and creators."

Currently Blankos Block Party has allowed players to sell in-game items on secondary markets, but Mythical Games is launching its own Marketplace to make it easier to integrate with the game. The game is currently in open beta with an expected release on PC later in 2021, while the Marketplace is rolling out in an Alpha Phase to select users as Mythical continues building upon it.

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