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Should armor abilities be in halo 4?

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Personally, i think they should. If you think about it, armor abilities are just improved equipment.

Active camo=Active camo. kinda obvious.

Jet pack=portable grav lift

Drop shield=bubble shield

armor lock=deployable cover (Now it sucks. Thanks 343!) :D

Active camo=radar jammer

Armor lock=invincibility

Regenerator=drop shield


The only things left out are

Auto turret, flare, and trip mine.

Personally, I could not live without at the very least:

Sprint, Active camo, jet pack, evade, drop shield and hologram. Maybe armor lock for vehicles.




Derp face

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There is already a thread on this. There was no need to create another topic about it, especially one with such a similar name. If you'd like to give your thoughts on this subject, please post in the thread below. We do not need multiple threads that serve the exact same purpose. This is also in the wrong section of the forums, if I might add.



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