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Choot 'em

'Twas the night before Christmas

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'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Halo style

by Choot 'em


'Twas the night before Christmas, all Spartans ready to hunt

not a Covenant was stirring, not even a Grunt

the DMRs were hung, in the supply case with care

in hopes that it's sights, included a cross-hair


The Unggoy were nestled, all snug next to a tree

while visions of the 'Demon', had overtaken their sleep

Sangheili on patrol, and Jiralhanae on guard

were overlooking the land, near the Boneyard


When out in the distance, there arose such a clatter

which alerted the Sangheili, to check out the matter

off to the rooftop, a Ranger flew like a flash

safety 'off' on his rifle, and made a quick dash


The moon lit the surface, of Reach with a glow

and gave the area, a lustre like snow

when, what to the Sangheili's, eyes did appear

but a fast moving Spartan, on a Mongoose changing gears


With a female driver, so lively and quick

the Covenant knew, it was about to get hectic

as the Spartan gave out orders, more and more came

and she whistled and shouted, and called them by name


"Now Jorge!, now Carter!, now Naomi and Thom!

On Emile!, on Jun!, on Kurt and John!

To the top of the mountain, to the top of those walls!

Now spint away, sprint away, sprint away all!"


As the air was parted, by the Sabres that did fly

there were many Banshees, filling the sky

so above the clouds, the UNSC flew

to get a lock, on the unlucky few


And all of a sudden, all the Covenant knew

that fighting off Spartans, was impossibly true

as Jun drew a bead, on the Elite's large head

he fired two shots, then the Elite fell dead


Jun in his guille, from his head to his foot

his armor all tarnished, with damage and soot

extra ammo he had, attached in a sack

he looked like a bad-ass, with a jet-pack


He spoke not a word, and went straight back to work

and continued to shoot Covenant, without even a jerk

and laying his finger, on the side of his trigger

he knew this fight, was about to get bigger


He sprang to his feet, to his team gave a hollar

and away the Spartans charged, like turning loose a dog's collar

you could hear him exclaim, when more Covenant came in sight


"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good FIGHT!"

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that was brilliant, well written

That was awesome!!!

Thanks guys!! My gift to the members of this community!! :santa:

Merry Christmas!!

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Choot'em that is something that belongs in the 343 Industries Community forum's time capsule! That was just too good! You wrote that without any help from your wife?


Choot'em You are the best example of showing the Christmas spirit and I thank you on behalf of the whole community!

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Thank you Mr. Welldone!

*hugs Father B.* Thanks man!

All my own work AD!! Read it to the kids last night and they were all impressed (except wife, lol). It all started with one phrase, "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good FIGHT!"

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Choot'em that was Great!

That was pure awesomeness Choot 'em :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Quilts and Agent!! I'll save and re-post again next Christmas!!

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I'll save and re-post again next Christmas!!

It is now next Christmas, lol!


Thought I would bring this back to life. Perfect timing as it is the "night before Christmas". Maybe next year I will get to update it in reference to the current series!


Merry Christmas 343iCF!! :thumbsup:

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