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Xtra Sauce

Halo 4 should have.....

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Halo 4 sould have... A new set of Armor to Kick some Butt in! Mark 7.

Moar Bosses i like the Challenges, Like a Super Grunt, or a, Flood hunter?

Play as aliens, Like how in Halo 2 you got to first time play as an Elite? How about halo 4 you get to play as a hunter,, or grunt!....... If halo 4 has a fire-fight. Ive always wanted to fight on the covanent side deystroying the humans. lol

Make cortana even hotter

More vehicles... larger maps. Like Sandtrap off Halo 3(my Favorite)

In forge i wish you could change the maps Time, like night and day, Changing the maps weather also like rain or Snow, Lighting or like a windstorm, which could actually make objects on the map blow around. Snow would actually make maps harder to drive on cause the grounds slick.

Well those are just some things that popped up in my mind when i thought of Halo 4.

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I've been wanting maps with weather effects and day and night settings since halo 3 they better have this halo 4 and im sure the flood wont be in this and alot of people didn't like playing as the elite so im sure there just going to leave you with playing as the master chief...he never fails us ;)

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