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Avengers: Endgame *Spoilers*

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Warning: Potential Spoilers ahead, turn back now if you don't want to see them.



I have yet to see Avengers: Endgame. I want to fool my friends into thinking I have actually seen the movie. What types of things can I can about the movie without getting too much into details?


Spoil it for me.

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Thanos dies literally 15-20 minutes into the movie.

Oh noes, stones are destroyed.

5 years pass by.

Tony has a daughter named Morgan. She's like 4-5 or something.

Ant-Man is saved by a rat pushing a button, comes out of the quantum realm.

He comes up with a plan to time travel.

They need Tony's help.

Tony refuses, but decides to help anyways later.

Tony invents time travel.

Obese Thor.

Time travel.

Time travel conflicts.

Black Widow dies for soul stone.

Stupid crap involving past Thanos finding out about plan.

Success, all stones acquired.

Some mourning.

Iron Man Nano Infinity Gauntlet.

Everybody comes back thanks to Hulk snap.

BS Past Thanos goes into future to stop the plans.

Building blows up.

Avengers Assemble.

Epic war fight scenes.

Tony Snaps away Past Thanos and friends.

Tony dies because of Snap.

Tony's funereal.



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This is the ending of the movie. I'm warning you, don't take it lightly.





After the massive battle, The Falcon, Banner-Hulk, and Bucky send Captain America (with his Vibranium Shield having been broken by Past Thanos), wielding a Mjolnir Hammer from the past (Fat Thor got it earlier in the movie during all the time travel shenanigans, and let Cap keep it) back in time to return the Infinity Stones back to their resting places, but the tiny group who sent him back is horrified to see him not return when they try to get him return... With Banner-Hulk saying for them it would only be 5 seconds.


Bucky then looks over on a bench by the area, and sees some old guy sitting there, notifying Banner-Hulk and Falcon, though the audience is left to see it without description: Steve stayed in the past after completing his mission, seemingly for obvious reasons... but from what I saw, he no longer had the Mjolnir Hammer.


There's some banter between Old Cap and Falcon, with Old Cap giving Falcon a "new" Vibranium Shield: telling him he's Captain America now, which he accepts, though in the process of shaking his hand, Falcon-Captain America notices a ring on Old Cap's ring finger, asking if he'd like to explain that... To which Steve wryly says no, he doesn't think he will.


There's then a flashback to the past during the 40s (I presume after World War II ended) but at a house with the front door ajar... Steve is inside slow dancing with Peggy to the sound of some 40s music before they stop and kiss.


End of movie.




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