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Halo 3 custom game The Hollows

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I'm a youtuber working on a series to bring back old custom creations that people really loved in Halo 3. Currently I no longer can find this custom creation I recall being very fun to play on in Halo 3.

The custom game was an infection creation either called The Hollows or Ninja I think, but I could be wrong, and it had people playing inside an enclosed cave type map and I believe it was on Sandbox and and the infected had brute shots I believe and I think both human and infected were invisible and you have to just hide from the infected trying to find you. I can't perfectly recall most of how it was played other than you were inside an enclosed map that was suppose to by like a cave and it had infection that was played on it. If anyone could help me find the gametype and map, that would be much appreciated. Bonus for if you can find video footage of it. Anyone that does will be credited for the custom creation.

This is the intro to the series I am doing.


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