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Site Poll 82: Who's the AI in the Halo Infinite announcement?

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Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #82.



Last week we discussed the naming of the next mainline Halo game, Halo Infinite. Click here to view the last poll, #81.






Who's the AI in the Halo Infinite announcement?




Unlikely to be Cortana, so I suggest we put that possibility down straight away. Something to note is that the colour of the chip doesn't represent the colour of the AI's avatar. I wouldn't be surprised if it's Roland, and to be honest I'd really like to see that. Something else which would also be great would be BB, anyone who's read the Kilo-Five trilogy or seen Hunt the Truth would be familiar with him.


Who do you guys think, and why?



Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

Spartan out.    :yay:

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It's prolly a new UNSC AI that's female. If they had Roland as the AI then sjws would flip about Cortana being replaced by a guy AI solely because he's a guy. I dunno if Microsoft would push that agenda, but what I do know is that basing judgement on gender alone is really dumb.


Contextually though, Roland being the AI doesn't really make sense since he's the Infinity guy, and it seemed like he was going off the deep end in 5: hinting at him being decommissioned for rampancy onset. Since Chief's back with the UNSC (presumably), and prolly under their microscope, they prolly would give the guy either a clone of Cortana, or an AI that is very similar in order to for him to continue working as closely as he did with OG Cortana. Though this doesn't factor in the fact that Cortana is Hitler 2.0, and all the AIs are bloodlusted.


I'm not even sure the UNSC would allow themselves to utilize ANY AIs really. The only ways I think they would allow Chief to have an AI is that he's either given a dumb AI like Auntie Dot, or is forced to utilize a Cortana clone made by Halsey to defend himself against OG Cortana, who's no doubt gonna be hunting Chief to the ends of the universe. This AI could utilize tech from the Janus Key bla bla bla, Halsey does a thing to make Iso-Cortana annihilate Ur-Cortana upon contact, etc.

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Well since this seems to be a completely different look from the trailer, I'd have to assume that this takes place somewhere outside the :Forerunner Saga" judging from the Mark IV Armor Config we see.  Then again, this is just an engine test run to showcase what they are building and anything we saw is NOT in stone or even concept at the moment.


Moving onto what i would like to see and what AI it "could" be.... I'd love to see BB.  Forget for a moment that Parangosky is no longer in charge of ONI.  Seeign as how her own hand sort of started the whole Covie Invasion because of the Reach incident, I can't see that ist is too far out of the relm of possibility, that she somehow manages to get BB to Chief, to kind of atone for her prior sins and protect humanity.  As far as AI's are concerned...there is no better AI at Cloak and Dagger hacker and manipulation than BB.  There is a reason BB was her personal AI while Command-in-Chief of ONI.


I think the pairing of the two would make a formidible force against Cortana and any AI she happens to "frees" (slavery more like) and throws their way.

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