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Site Poll 67: What's your signature UNSC weapon?

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Hi everyone, Spartan here with site poll #67.



In our last poll, members shared their views on the armour sets they felt most passionate about. It was indeed a very open-ended question, with many set preferences being a combination of different variants. Some preferred the more classic, original MJOLNIR design, whilst some preferred the new-era GEN2 models which incorporated highly advanced design features. It was a pleasure reading what you all had to say, and seeing different interpretations on why one variant trumps another. Click here to view the last poll, #66.





What's your signature UNSC weapon?



Of course the Assault Rifle is an essential for all troops, as well as your trusty M6 sidearm. The navy gets the Battle Rifle, and the army the DMR. When in the field, you'll need to utilise any weapon available to its maximum effectiveness. If you had one UNSC weapon you're going to be stuck with for the next 24 hours in a warzone, what's it going to be? What weapon do you feel you'd be most confident using? Of course different situations give certain weapons different advantages, but in the end a raider with a shotgun can't spawn a rifle out of nowhere, and that's just how it is. Whatever you deploy with, you're stuck with unless you scavenge the battlefield.


Some may prefer a classic MA5K carbine, others may see the SAW as a more effective weapon. So, what's your preferred UNSC weapon? 



Thank you for participating and apologies for the delay with #67.


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

Spartan out.   :yay:

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It depends on the game due to differing weapon mechanics. If you asked me what my all-time go-to weapon was, it would be the Magnum from CE. The thing is practically its own arsenal.


Overall though, I'd have to give it up to these two weapons which prove to be all-around good murder sticks: the Railgun and Rocket Launcher. I chose the Railgun over the Spartan Laser because the SL utilizes a targeting laser that makes it difficult to undertake stealth kills, and it tends to have less ammo than either the Railgun or Rocket Launcher.






  • Has extremely fast projectile speed.
  • Can kill a single target, or multiple weak targets in 1 or 2 blasts.
  • Vehicles hit by a Railgun round are usually knocked over by the resulting blast.
  • The profile of the player holding the weapon is significantly less than the Rocket Launcher.


  • It's possible to kill oneself with the weapon, but an obstruction must be really close to the user.
  • You've got to have steady aim to hit anything with this, and a single round wasted could be a critical error.
  • Reloading, and charging animations are kinda slow.
  • When charging, the light from the barrel will give away that it's about to fire, and can be dodged if fast enough.
  • The charging SFX will give away that you're carrying it, but it's something that occurs for every weapon. An enemy player hearing it is also not much of an issue unless they can see you.
  • The number of rounds it carries is so-so, but this will not be a problem if you know what you're doing.
  • You better not let the enemy get this if you're killed while having a fully loaded Railgun.
  • The Railgun isn't as hard to obtain as the RL in modes where only a few of them spawn on the map, but it's still a very valuable asset to have.


Rocket Launcher:



  • Blast radius is moderate, but can kill multiple targets: fully shielded or not. It's extremely good for clearing rooms of enemy campers.
  • It will critically damage any vehicle it fires at, and is one of the major terrors of the battlefield of Halo.
  • The RL, in this case the SPNKr, can carry 2 rounds instead of 1 like the Railgun.
  • The firing SFX is quick, and doesn't give away the weapon wielder too easily.


  • Due to the large blast radius, placing yourself closer to the epicenter of the blast can kill you. It's also really easy to betray teammates with this weapon, so one must handle it with care.
  • Projectile speed is slow at mid-long ranges, and can be dodged the further you're away from the RL user.
  • The thing is huge, and will extend the players model size to be more easily seen.
  • Reloading animation is moderately slow.
  • Even though the SFX is quick, and can be missed, once it's heard it's like an alarm is sounded: you're instantly made a primary target if someone knows you have this weapon.
  • Ammo capacity is generally better than the Railgun, but is still kinda small.
  • Missing a shot with a RL IS a critical error.
  • Even worse than the Railgun, letting the enemy have this weapon must not occur.
  • Letting an idiot handle the RL is like, the worst situation that could occur with this weapon. Using this gun to the fullest could turn the tide of the battle, and not doing so will decrease chances of winning.
  • When spawned, the RL is something everyone and their mother tries to get, so obtaining one is a rare occurrence outside of spawn-centric modes.
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Hands down my favourite weapon in the Halo series for the UNSC is the SAW because that gun is life, and don't @ me just fite me. I like the SAW because it just destroys people like I'm SAWing through wood, however this is closely followed by the railgun because it's like a safe rocket launcher (kinda), the Sniper because it's literally aim bot how can anyone miss a headshot and the shotgun because shotguns

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