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Dungeons & Dragons Invitation

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Welcome traveler, to the realms of fantasy! Join others in exploring diverse countrysides, dangerous wilds, dark caverns, mysterious fortresses, sprawling cities, and Dragon's lairs. Will you help others because it is the right thing to do, or for the shiny glint of gold they offer? Will your past catch up with you, or will you begin a new life, leaving the old one behind? Will you navigate the plethora of adventures and conflicts using a sword, sorcery, silver, or speech? The choice is yours, when you embark into the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons.


Greetings forum members, and welcome to the multiverse of Dungeons & Dragons. We are currently looking for people who would be interested in playing D&D, no experience needed. All you need is a few hours to sit down and play every session. Ideally we would like to run a session about once a week, so we will try to plan the sessions out a few weeks in advance. Can't commit to showing up once a week? Not a problem! If we have enough interest by members, we can create a "revolving" character, which would allow  multiple members to cycle in and out each session, each playing the same character. If you are interested at all, please let us know below!


Simple Q and A:


Q. I can't commit to playing very often, but may be available to play every few weeks, what can I do? 


A. Just let us know below. If you want, you can play as a "revolving" character, meaning that each during each session, the character is controlled by a different person based on player availability. Even if you aren't going to be available for each session, this still allows you to play, along with other members.


Q. I've never played Dungeons and Dragons, can I play?


A. Of course. New players are strongly encouraged. I have very little experience myself, but I found the game to be enjoyable right from the beginning. If you are unsure about committing to playing a game that you've never played before, you may want to try playing first as a "revolving" character. This way you can try out the game and decide whether you would want to play more.


Q. I want to play, but don't know anything about it. Where can I learn about Dungeons & Dragons?


A. There are plenty of places to learn about D&D on the internet, as well as plenty of local game shops. The best way to learn is to watch, read, and play your first session with an open mind. There are tons of videos, explanations, tutorials and more online, so here are a few I want to highlight:


Heroes and Halfwits: Members of Rooster Teeth starring many members of Achievement Hunter began a game last year. Follow the series here:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTur7oukosPHugT2lhLuyihm3hyJcvIeu

The Wizards of the Coast Official website has plenty of materials for new players, including a basic player's handbook (http://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/basicrules ), which covers some of the most important and basic elements of the game, but does not cover all races, classes, backgrounds, and spells. If you want to see the full handbook, let me know.

Finally there are many Youtube tutorials and explanations about D&D. A few I like include:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT3FRzEJDp8 and


Q. I'm in. What should I get to be ready to play?


A. Nothing! Actually, there is some prep-work I would love to help you go through if you need it. Just comment below and I can get you the resources you need, no purchase necessary! The short answer is that you'll need a computer, a working microphone, Discord, and a Roll20 account. 


Q. Hey, how and what type of Dungeons & Dragons are we playing?


A. We will be playing 5th Edition D&D through Roll20, a free to use website for tabletop and roleplaying games, like D&D. We will be using Discord as well for voice chat.


Q. Who is playing, and how many can play?


A. Right now I will be the acting Dungeon Master, who creates and runs each session. I run all of the NPCs, the bad guys, and describe the world around you. As for players, RedStarRocket91, Church, and D38Boss are playing. Feel free to ask them about who they are playing. 


As for how many can play, that depends. If many people can play and commit to sessions, we may need to craft a second party and have a second DM. If we have a lot of people that can only commit to playing once in a while, we can have them cycle through playing the same "revolving" character. I might run a special session for those who want to try the game. Ideally there should be 1 DM and 4 or 5 players per session.


Q. Is there a trial session I can attend?


A. You really don't need one to play. The rules are fairly simple to get you through a session if you played as a revolving character in the main group. This being said, if multiple members want to try it out, I am more than happy to run a trial session for those members.


Q. Will these sessions be recorded and put up on the forum Youtube channel, or stream to Twitch?


A. It's definitely a possibility, especially after we get used to playing.



Thanks for reading, and may your adventures be ever rewarding.


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As for players, RedStarRocket91, Church, and D38Boss are playing. Feel free to ask them about who they are playing.



Aw, nuts.

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