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"The ancient Forerunners have taken over these crumbling sand ruins to harvest the powerful artifacts within"

A Core 2v2-4v4 Arena Map by: ARC GuiltySpark

Gamertag: ARC GuiltySpark

Player Count: 4-8 players

Download Link: Click!

Layout Design
Excavation is a Smaller 2v2-4v4 Core Arena map for all gamemodes like Slayer, CTF, Strongholds, and Assault. It has two very distinctive sides or "bases", both tackling different aesthetic themes. Throughout every game players will try to hold these two bases as well as other power positions like the Bridge and the Stage. Playing in teams calls for lots of strategy and teamwork to control power positions while playing Free For All will put your skills to the test to control these areas solo. With open and closed areas as well as long and short sightlines each game feels different than the last. Whether you're playing competitive, casual, or somewhere in between, Excavation is a blast!

Aesthetic Design
The aesthetics are where this map truly shines. First lets look at Blue Team's side. This part of the map consists of natural rock and "jungle like" foliage with Forerunner pieces built above and within the environment. Lots of blue lighting, effects, sounds, and metal textures absorbs you into the scenery.

Red Team's side fades from bright colours into a dusty wasteland. The sandstone temples built on top the sand dunes have started to crumble and decay under the work of the Prometheans, resulting in piles of rubble encased in dust. Looking past the rock walls, players can view even more of this terrain in the background scenery. These two amazing environments blend together nicely in the middle to make this a stunning arena map.

Weapon Design
The Weapon Layouts have been altered for different gamemodes to provide the best experience on each one.

Slayer, CTF, FFA
Railgun - bottom mid
Binary Rifle - stage

Strongholds, Assault
Railgun - stage
Overshield - bridge wing

-Battle Rifle
-H2 Battle Rifle
-Closed Fist (Boltshot)
-Frag Grenades x2
-Gunfighter Magnum
-Light Rifle
-Plasma Grenades x2
-Splinter Grenades x2

If you would like to see how I built this map or how to build a core map yourself, check out my Youtube Channel "Guilty Spark" with the video coming out soon "Halo 5 Forge Guide | Core Maps".








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