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Fantasy Short Story/Novel Adaptations From The Haloverse

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I just finished reading Halo: Fractures and found so many of the stories to be compelling. They created vivid mental images of their tales. The authors from the short story anthology are great writers from previous Halo novels like Tobias Buckell (Cole Protocol), Kevin Grace (Hunters in the Dark), Joseph Staten (The Flood), and Troy Denning (Last Light). 


So many good stories by actually good writers gives the extended Halo Universe amazing depth and potential. Even Brian Reed's story added mass to a weightless threat discovered at the end of Halo 5. He painted the scene of the destruction on Earth after the Guardian attack and the decisions that would need to be made after impressively well. 


So just list a short story or novel that you'd like see adapted and try to list actors/actresses that you'd like to see casted as which characters as a bonus. Add some pics so we can get a feel for what you're imagining. 


I'll post my own later when I'm out of work



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I don't have a Halo novel that I'd particularly see translating well into film (save for First Strike) but, I have thought about a Halo movie modeled off of Halo: Reach before, as I figure that's a more concise version of TFoR to more casual fans. Plus, Spartan IIIs.

Brad Pitt as Carter - I know, this is a weird choice, but, he certainly pulls off the gruff everyman look in Fury, and I figure he looks just right to be Carter. 

Charlize Theron as Kat - Again, strange choice, but she looks identical to Kat in Mad Max, and, she's a very versatile actress. 

Jamie Hector as Emile - Pretty self explanatory, keep his voice as he'd never be shown under the helmet anyways.

Rami Malek as Jun - After seeing a few of Rami's works, I think he'd make a great Jun! He has the appearance (even though I can't find an image of him bald) and I feel as though he could add to Jun's smarmy wit. 

Tom Selleck as Jorge - Okay, tell me this guy doesn't look like Jorge! He has a charm that could really pair with Jorge's like-ability and, honestly, his death could end up being a real tearjerker.

I figure Six will remain silent, focusing on his/her appearance only through his/her visual prowess. 

Images for those unsure of what the actors look like, in order of their mention, save for Jamie Hector:





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