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Some Suggestions for Halo 5 Forge For PC

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1. Need a full Dedicated server. To be able to kick and ban users, auto team balancing, map voting, Welcome Screen just to name a few. Just the basics for now like other PC games. Even Halo Combat Evolved had a dedicated server that you could setup the map rotation, Auto kick user's for being idle and was able to kick and ban people.


2. Need undo delete and undo move commands in forge.


3. Have a switch to select how many team will be in the game. I have issues with CTF because I only have 2 flag in my map. If a user comes on the server with lets as yellow team it locks of the spawn points and nobody can spawn. Here is my fix for now:


I made spawns for teams 3 thru 8 outside the map. Put a instant kill barrier out them. Why? I only have 2 teams Red and Blue. If they get on the server other than red or blue they will instantly die. That will forced the user to login onto the server either red or blue. Its a silly way to setup a server but it works!


4. Try to fix the crashing.


That's it for now,

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sadly, not many games offer dedicated servers


WANNA BET? I have been hosting PC game server's since 1998


1. Tribes

2. Tribes 2

3. Tribes Vengeance

4, The Unreal Tournament Franchise

5. Halo Combat Evolved

6. The Orange Box

7. Half-Life 2 

8.  Half-Life 2: Episode Two

9, Team Fortress 2

10 The Battlefield Franchise

11.  The Call of Duty Franchise

12.  Quake 1 Thru Quake 3


Well that is just a few of them. I can name a hell of a lot more if you wish!


I suggest you check your facts! :)

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