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It's done.

I finally did it. I updated Tunnels 2.0, since it was last update in April.


Now, let's see what's new in the store.


Linke to teh old copi


Holy cwap. New stuff my man.

  1. We got no more lightning at the spawn. That's good, now you don't die as fast and aren't fowced to wun. Which is awlays good. But dare's still lighting, which goes way after a minute or sumfin.
  2. Divah Man Dan is a good guy now, yeh. He no longa kills you, instead he takes you to the sewa where you can hide. Hiding is always good.
  3. Uh, new stuff. Like, an evil couch and a uh piano. Gotta have the piano. Eh, oh an Organ. Some other cool stuff, like an Iron Maiden. Definitely gotta touch that, but it might hurt!
  4. ​Still dawk
  5. Spawn wooms changed for teh infwected, definitely. No more energy swords on the wall in teh Infected Nest, which is great. Because Swords are loud, and awso, Infected have a wandom guy who got stabbed. Dunno what happened here.
  6. Interactve stuff, it's nice. Yeh it is.
  7. Oh, Alpha Infected no longer pick up weapons, so that's always good.
  8. DMR was fixed so you can touch it if you want, don't have to.
  9. There's a scary lady who follows you around, although you won't notice but when you do. You gonna be spooked.
  10. Other stuff, I don't know. I forgot, I dunno I should've just make a video instead.


















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