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Heyy, welcome back to the Weekly Site Poll!  :)


Poll 43 - 'Worst Horror/Scary Games' - is here if you'd like to read the responses, or post a late reply.


I'm knee-deep in some pretty labor-intensive crap (at least for me) rn, so I haven't had time to do another Site Poll since the last one. Gonna have to step up and get to work, or change the name to something like "Occasional Site Poll-". :C

This week it's.... I got nothing, Consoles. Spoiler alert.
What is your opinion on new consoles like the PS4 Pro, Project Scorpio, or Nintendo Switch?
Also, what SHOULD console companies be doing that they're not doing right now?
The next Weekly Site Poll will be posted whenever, maybe. Feel free to suggest the topic for the NEXT Weekly Site Poll in your response!
SD, out!. :split:
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Nintendo is again heading in the direction that seems to be the "Lonely Left Field". Mobile gaming is a fad, a horrible, costly and step backwards fad. Banking on mobile gaming is like banking on the tablet market to replace the desktop. Doesn't work, won't work, move on.


Sony is following what MS started in terms of bridging the PC/Console divide, albiet both in the wrong way. Being said, Sony has a massively larger AAA base and from what reports indicate, pulls it off leeps and bounds beyond MS.


Microsoft is simply rinse repeating what they did with the 360. But this time around, they are touting Scorpio as a true next gen killer. As if to say that the hardware they currently have is tapped out, and they need a stronger system to work with, because their talent pool and quality is just that massive. If you believe that, I have a bridge in France I want to sell you.


At the end of the day it all muddles down to Sony and MS bidding for your bucks on the holidayz, while simply delivering recycled services you don't need and are simply trendy, not revolutionary. If we wanna talk big about gaming and quality, let's wait until at least year 6, when the hardware is finally properly supported by next gen software.


As the old saying goes, A fancy smanshy hardware rig does not produce quality, without the bleeding edge software to be powered by it. It would be like being handed a GTX 1060 in 2012. Sure it's the highest end, but is the software to utilize it fully there?


In short, what are they all doing wrong? NOT moving onto true next hen extensability such as proprietary upgradable hardware. Not, diy type stuff, but bring your console in, MS sponsored spots retrofit a new cpu, ram, gpu into it, and your back gaming on a more powerfull console with less downtime, more options, and far less money spent by you, and by costly hardware manufacturing just for chasis', dvd drives, packaging, etc...

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Really great question!


I'm really in two minds about this. On the one hand, for all MS and Sony have promised that they won't be abandoning the XBone and the PS4, I can very easily see us ending up with a situation where either companies just outright stop developing for them, or one where because the devs are forced to keep developing for the older hardware, they can't fully utilise the potential of the newer one. Either way: a lot of gamers are going to end up spending a huge amount of money on something which is, essentially, wasted because it either doesn't last nearly as long as it should or because it's hamstrung by cross-platform development.


On the other hand, there's not really any denying that the XBone and PS4 were embarrassingly underpowered even at launch. The XBone in particular was notably less powerful than my - and frankly, I wasn't even using cutting-edge hardware, and that's before we even get to nonsensical design decisions like mandatory Kinect which robbed it of even more processing power. So we were in a position whereby even on day one, the consoles were basically obsolete compared to even a mid-range gaming rig, and they've only gotten worse by comparison in the time since. Halo 5 is a particularly obvious example here: even ignoring then art style, it's just plain ugly as a game, with low-res textures, janky animations, frequently crappy lighting, and anti-aliasing which would be more at home in 2001 if I could actually be sure that it actually existed at all. I mean, I can take or leave 60fps, and I can forgive low textures or lower resolutions, but to have AA this poor in 2015 is just shameful.


To be honest, mostly I just see this whole generation of consoles to date as a mistake. The Scorpio and Neo are what we should have had from this generation, in that they actually seem to be on par with high-end PC machines from the specs I've seen, rather than the obsolete and underclocked hardware that was crammed into the XBone and PS4. Obviously it's important that they're actually utilised properly by devs as new and better software is written and distributed, but for me the core problem is just the sheer issues with power, and optimisation is only going to take you so far on that front.

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