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Hello friends! I'm back again, randomly today, to provide some insight and excitement on Pokemon Sun and Moon.



The Pokémon Sun & Moon UK release date is 23 November 2016. Nintendo has confirmed the seventh generation in the series: Pokémon Sun and Moon. It will launch on 23 November as a 3DS exclusive. You can pre-order Pokémon Sun or Moon from Amazon or GAME which both have a price of £39.


As for the US Release date, November 18th, 2016, is when the game will be available for $39.99.


*Now something to note is that many retailers are offering deals where they are offering a duel pack for the two games for about $10-$15 less than it would be for buying each of the games individually. Personally, I pre-ordered my games on Amazon Prime for around ~$70. I am so excited for these games, and the information that has been released about these is just so rich. While at the same time, Pokemon has kept a wealthy amount of information of the new game itself hidden away from the public.


Also! Don't forget to play the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo to get a special Pokemon!!! Ash-Greninja is available for transfer to your actual game when it comes out! So be sure to play the demo and get that Pokemon.


I played the demo and my thoughts were: 


Wow, just wow. The music is amazing. By far, some of the best music that Pokemon has put into their games. While the Pokemon Center music may be classic, I have never heard a better villainous music than Team Skull's. It accurately depicts today's groups of people, and works off the stereotype of gangs. Which is maybe not the best thing in the world, but it works in the world of this game. 


Graphics were just awesome. 10/10.


The new Pokemon are interesting.


The traveling around on Pokemon we already know is interesting as well. Why not use new Pokemon for traveling? 



I'll have more info on the demo coming soon!



What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new game? Have you played the demo? Let me know below!

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Played the demo too, though I don't think it was worth playing through other than to see a few new game mechanics. I've got quite a few gripes, but I will acknowledge that since this is a demo (and that Pokemon likes to naturally throw logic out of the window) quite a few things will not make any sense.






  1. You're given Ash-Greninja from an anonymous sender in the mail (oh yeah, you can just send a Pokemon in the mail to someone...), yet when you check the OT it clearly says it belongs to Ash. What the hell?? Is Ash in the game or is this just some random promotion? Why would Ash just give you his Greninja? Who are you to Ash?
  2. The walking animation for the Protags is hilariously bad. Who thought this was a good idea, literal children?
  3. We can no longer move using the D-Pad. Who thought this was a good idea, literal monkeys??
  4. I'm getting sick and tired of the overused grassy areas always functioning as zones for encountering wild Pokes... I want Pokes to roam around outside of their zones, and actually behave like - you know - WILD Pokemon? You can clearly see allot of Pokes just standing around near their Trainers in other games - especially Gen VI - yet ALL the wild ones are not given the same treatment? And before anyone says "But dude, they did the whole *Hidden Pokemon* thing!": I hated this feature. The tiptoeing around trying to get to them was more of an annoyance rather than a challenge. And some of these Pokes I would think would have enough bravery to attack an intruder rather than ALL of them running away (like Skarmory).
  5. Enemy Trainer vision is still atrocious. They really need glasses, or eye-surgery.
  6. It might of been explained how the Rotom Pokedex comes to be previously, but there's no backstory for it in the Demo: at least the part where it friggin' comes alive, and starts blinking on the second screen.
  7. You can't check the Pokedex at all despite having one in your possession... Though it's understandable since there's only like 10 Pokemon seen in the Demo tops: nearly half of which existed before Sun and Moon.
  8. The "Pokemon SNAP" portion was ruined by the lag, and the same occurred with the battle against the Totem Hakamo-o. This better be a Demo-only problem.
  9. Sun didn't even flinch at the sight of a humongous Hakamo-o power-walking towards him, looking like it was going to murder him. Nope, just that dumb smiley face the Protags have during most dire situations in Gen VI.
  10. Once again, the big bad notes that they've been foiled again, and then proceeds to lowkey run away. It's probably going to be this way the ENTIRE GAME like it was in Gen VI. These are some horrible criminals, barely putting any effort into stopping the Protags.
  11. Meanwhile, your Mom's probably at a coffee shop somewhere with no idea that her son was in grave danger multiple times during the same day.
  12. We should've been able to capture Pokes, and use them in the Demo rather than just in that small area. I wanted a Jangmo-o to thrash with...
  13. The ONLY Alolan Form Poke we see in the ENTIRE Demo is Alolan Dugtrio, and it's unobtainable and cannot be fought... Really?
  14. Kukui just casually throwing out that you can transfer Items and Pokemon from the Demo to Sun and Moon. It's so meta that it's bad... Why not delegate this role to a machine, like the PC, rather than a main character? Though the entire Demo is already extremely meta so... 
  15. Why would you put the complete Alolan Pokedex within the Demo if we can't even look at the Pokedex?? And not only that, pretty much all other Pokes we haven't seen yet were in the Demo's files INCLUDING the Ultra Beasts... This is baffling.

End of rant, time for the good bits:

  1. Despite how much I hate how this thing's just casually thrown into the mix, I still like how they revealed the Greninja's OT AKA let us see it for ourselves. It's stupid enough to be great.
  2. I appreciate how casually Sun's Mom reveals them to hail from the Kanto Region.
  3. The environments look reaaally good even though I hate how little of a natural habitat there is for wild Pokemon. At least the grass is sexy, right?
  4. I like how the screen narrows when you're getting close to being seen by a Trainer.
  5. I like how the Rotom Dex looks.
  6. I like how the Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o are just sprinting around during the SNAP section. It's got a Velociraptor vibe from Jurassic Park that I love so much.
  7. #6 was strengthened even more by the encounter with the Totem Hakamo-o. You just take a quick picture of it, and startle it. It then approaches Sun ominously... I thought to myself "Naah. They wouldn't do that..." and then when it got closer I went "NO WAY?? THEY WOULDN'T DO THAT, NOOO GF??!", and then I was right. Queue Totem Battle. Still, it gave me a good scare.
  8. That Tauros riding animation's top-tier, I rate it 7/8.
  9. The safety getup you wear on Tauros is kinda backwards for Pokemon since very little is shown of such precautions in any of the games... You just saddle up on your Poke with no straps or anything, and fly around without a care... I mean this is a good thing to be sure, but it's hard to forget how much of a 180 this feels from just a few years ago with Gen VI... Oh god, the lack of regard they hold for children in those games is dumbfoundingly bad...
  10. Gen I fanservice abound here. There's NO Pokemon shown in the Demo from any other Generation besides Gen I and VII... I mean I can see how infuriating that is for those who prefer newer Gens over I, but the fact that it's the 20th Anniversary, and they're going to this level... Honestly I think THIS is how you do an Anniversary! When the 20th Anniversary for Gen II rolls around it'll get it's time to shine. The same holds true for all other Gens.
  11. I look for the silver linings in leaks even though I absolutely hate them... Though technically the Alolan Dex was in the Demo just like any other thing that was there in the gameplay, so this is more of an incompetence problem with GF rather than a leak (they've got this REALLY bad)... Still, seeing the new Pokes and UBs... They're looking pretty sexy I'll admit. The UBs are monstrous, as they should be.




So yeah, that's all I could think about the Demo. Other thoughts coming soon. :)

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I've really liked what I've seen so far from the videos but it's just so much stuff to keep up with that I simply can't. It also hurts that I don't have a 2 or 3DS haha. 

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