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Connor Kenway

A brief tale of a Fireteam

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So, a friend of mine (well actually my girlfriend shshsh) gave me an idea regarding our Fireteam and so uh yeah, here it is, yes this is Destiny related dur but yeah, enjoy its pretty brief so let me know if you guys want to see more of this because I have a few ideas up my sleeve but uh yeah, have a read.



Wandering Valkyries, A Destiny grimoire esque tale of a Fireteam


It began in Old Russia, the Cosmodrome a lone Guardian had been found by their Ghost, this Guardian was a Titan.


Several days after arriving at the Tower the lone Titan met someone, a fellow Guardian, a Warlock they found similarities in each other the Warlock would tend to crack jokes when they went on patrols and the Titan would tell him to cut the chatter so they could focus on the task at hand.


Months  went by with these two guardians working together as a team until one day another Guardian joined their team, a Hunter she was pretty new to the whole Guardian thing so they took her under their wing and she became a permanent member of the team, the Titan saw the Hunter as someone he could teach and so he guided her towards the light to better herself as a Guardian. The Fireteam became a close knit unit, as the Titan said when someone asked him about his team “we’re a family”

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This reminded me of year one Destiny! I was thinking back to when I met new people online and soon on found a solid fireteam to raid with. I've never enjoyed Destiny more than I did playing with those guys back then, still talk to them a little 'till this day and we all live in the UK (A lot of the guys actually live in Wales which is funny). ^_^

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