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Which animal would you choose to be your spirit animal?

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Well, this is a difficult one, as the choices are endless! With this question, it has to be a real animal, can't be fictional just to make it clear. Hm, I said it would be a difficult one but this question is easy for me. You don't have to be specific, just post whatever you'd like as your spirit animal. You can choose insects or even fish if you'd like. You can have as many spirit animals as you want, make an army! ^_^


EDIT: Okay, post whatever you want. Could be from an anime or just something completely stupid. lol


Behold my spirit animal!




Wolves are just so majestic looking! :bow:








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Tarantula Hawk. The thing has the second most painful sting ever known (that I know of), the first being the Bullet Ant. It's said to feel like getting struck by lightning, and apparently the best advice for surviving it (it's not fatal unless the shock sends you into cardiac arrest) is to lie down and scream for around 5 minutes: the duration of the pain.


Like it's name suggests, T. Hawks hunt Tarantulas to use them as food for their offspring like other Spider Wasps (which are also fascinating). I may have seen only one T. Hawk in my area - the thing was massive for a Spider Wasp. Other than that I only see the smaller, more fidgety Wasps. 



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Mine would be a cougar but since I'm not a native American,


I am the mighty Smilodon (Sabre Tooth Cat in non science terms)

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