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Snake Pit

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GT: I am Aschur
Players: 2-4
Gametypes: Slayer, Neutral Flag, Oddball
Weapons: Sniper Rifle x2 120s 0clip, Plasma Pistol 60s 30%charge, SMG x 2 1clip, BR x2 1clip, 2 Stickies, 2 Frags
Powerups: Level 2 Overshield 180s




Snake Pit is a rotationally symmetrical 2v2 map that fosters very fast paced engagements. Even though the map is symmetrical, it often times plays asymmetrically with a majority of the action taking place on one of the two sides near OS spawn. Though the map is very vertical, and you can see that in the central shaft - the levels are separated enough that the high ground doesn't have a clear advantage over the other spaces in most firefights. The map takes inspiration from Rats Nest and the Crows Nest campaign level from Halo 3, and I would love to add more details to the map, but I can't right now without inducing framerate drops in the corners of the map. (I will revisit the map and add them if that issue ever gets resolved in a future update.)


The map supports Slayer, Oddball and Neutral Flag CTF, but I suggest either Oddball or Slayer - I added Neutral Flag after the fact, and didn't really design the map around it, so it doesn't play it as well as I would like.






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Hey Aschur I recognize you from ForgeHub. I've looked at screens of this map before but haven't played yet. Welcome to the site and thanks for submitting to Zandril here!  

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For the most part, I liked it. Found some issues though

- The overshield can't be picked up.

- There are several objects in the map that I think are unnecessary. Stuff like crates and trash bags that are just in the way. Removing some of those objects would make movement in the map a lot smoother. It'll also look better IMO.

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