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This map is what I feel is Husky Raid of Infection.
Humans start on one side of the Trench and make there way towards the middle and end where there are 3 huts with roofs and cover. On the way through and outside the trenches are powerful REQ weapons that can make this mode very hectic.
To balance this out and make it fun Infected spawn all around the Valley and Trench and can run as well as Alpha Infected have super powerful and fast ground pounds.


-Tartarus' Gavel

-Voids Tear

-Halo CE Magnum

-Bayonet Battle Rifle
-Minds Eye Beam Rifle

-White Scar Plasma Caster

-Jorge's Chaingun

-Detached Chaingun

-Overshield 1

-Damage Buff 1


Rules of the game mode are still being tweaked but the game mode is called Havoc and is an infection variant.


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