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Thinking back, I really enjoyed Maps like Longbow or Ragnarok because of their wide and open spaces for vehicular combat. So this time I was trying to crate something similar. Well, it's not a copy at all. But this maps basic idea is: Wide and open spaces.


Cataracta is build around Alpine's basic waterfall. This waterfall hides the first power weapon: a sniper rifle.You can reach it by using one of the two "Catwalks" left and right. On each Catwalk's end is a smaller base. Call it "Lookout" or "Armory" or whatever. They also contain a Stronghold and you can teleport there from your main-base.


In your Homebases you find most of your vehicles like a Scorpion, a Wasp, A Warthog and a Gungoose. There is also a lot of Ammo, some Weapons and the teleporter's other end.


I Build in some sweet scripts so this map feels a little more "alive". For example there are some Dopp Pods falling down on round start. And when the Scoprion respawns, it drives out of a garage.

So enjoy this map and please give me some feedback :)


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