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Greetings, my name is Producer Destruct, and I am your sleazy content provider this evening.  B) 


Mafia 22.0: It's been a long time coming. The prodigal son ascends from the Development Hell with an offering that has long since past it's expiration date, but is somehow still delicious!


Classic III serves a similar experience to Classic II with a few additions, and changes in an iterative fashion. There's nothing too damning hopefully...  :devil: 


How To Play:


Before we get into it, I want to iterate...

  • This game is an area where Forum Users can interact with fellow Members regardless of rank or tenure
  • It's also a basic competition to utterly destroy your competitors... which isn't really basic, I guess. It depends on your bloodlust
  • And finally, most of all, a game for fun -- which contains everything not outlawed by the Mods, really...  :shock: 


So yeah. That's that. Moving on...


Concept of Mafia & Winning Conditions:


Mafia is a game where a competition for dominance exists between an uninformed majority, Pro-Town / Townies, and an informed minority, which is the namesake of the game: Anti-Town / Mafia. Either group stands as a Team, and it is the job of those within each group to defeat the other team utilizing the tools & information given to them.


Although there's 2 teams in this game other Mafia games will sometimes contain more than just that, but for now we're only going to have the 2 listed here.


On a fundamental level, the one true winning condition in Mafia for either team is this:

  1. Pro-Town must kill or outlast all of Anti-Town
  2. Anti-Town must kill or outlast all of Pro-Town

So basically, just kill everyone else on the other team. ​If this is accomplished then the team who survived prevails. The game is over henceforth, and a new one is started thereafter. But before that is the struggle to get to that point...




Upon posting of a Sign-Up thread for a Mafia game any person lingering around on the forum may join in, or suggest whatever they like -- regardless of how long they've been on the forum, or what rank they are. Though the only real requirement for participation is that you attempt to be as active as possible. Being inactive earns you the name of AFK (Away From Keyboard) Player, someone who's joined, but is completely inactive for long periods of time.


After everything is resolved, and the Host deems the player-base to be large enough, they start the Pre-Game process which starts with designating Players with specific Roles...




Directly before the game is started, RNG (Random Number Generator) is used to choose who will be which Role within Mafia -- requesting a Role is kinda forbidden. Pro-Town & Anti-Town have various Roles within their ranks, and a Role's power is both useful in some areas, and limited in others depending on which one is given to you.


The way in which a Role is assigned by the Host (aside from RNG choosing who's who) regards the PM (Private Messaging) system of the forum. All Roles aside from the Vanilla Townies get a PM detailing what they can & cannot do, and serves as a place to activate their powers. Special Roles get individual PMs separate from all others, Mafians get 1 group PM, and the Spy gets their own PM like the Special Roles.


There are 4 kinds of Roles... (check the spoiler underneath the bold Role outside of this spoiler for more information)


Vanilla Townie:


The class that has no other power than the power to vote. They're strong together, but almost weak apart.


The advantage of the Vanilla Townies is sheer numbers -- there's been many a time where a bandwagon is started during a Lynching, and it results in the death of someone either guilty or non-guilty, rather hilariously. This is mostly due to the large amount of Civilians with help from all other Roles of course.


Special Roles:


Pro-Town Roles gifted with various powers beyond what a Vanilla Townie possesses​. Merely being so makes them a priority target of the Mafia, and an accidental reveal of their identity spells certain doom most of the time. Their survival can turn the tide of the game, but it is not mandatory for them to be alive in order for Pro-Town to win.


Despite having powers, their range & capabilities are limited by restrictions to prevent them from being OP (Over-Powered).




A band of miscreants with various powers whose sole purpose is to destroy Pro-Town. They have the advantage of knowing who other Mafians are from the get-go (save for the Spy), with the downside of a total lack of numbers.


3 out of the 4 Mafian Roles are basically evil Special Roles with alternate restraints & areas of expertise.


Special Roles might have difficulty if their identity is revealed, but the odds are stacked even higher against a Mafian should they be uncovered. It is ESSENTIAL that the Mafia keep their identities hidden as long as possible -- allowing a Mafian to reveal themselves should only really be a last resort, if at all. However, there is no restriction against doing so, but it could turn the tide even if only one of the Mafians is spotted.




Now before you start a ruckus, Ghosts technically are not a different team from the Townies or Mafia. They're actually just Players who've died who continue to help their teams if they wish -- they DO NOT become a new team. Even though they persist beyond death they cannot use the powers given to them before, except a basic Voting power of .5. Nothing more, nothing less.



After the PMs are sent the game will begin with the 48 hour wait...


The Game Begins:


The overall game does not have a time limit - which means that it can drag on for a REALLY long time - but things on a smaller scale do, like activating your power before a period comes where you cannot.


Regarding the start of the game, the beginning starts with a lull ahead of Round 1... (please read the contents of the Role spoiler if you have not already)


(Up-to) 48 hour wait:


Downtime to convene both publicly & privately ahead of Round 1. 

  • The Special Role Detective & Medic must detail what they want to do with their powers, lest a total lack of replying loses them the chance to use their power on Round 1
  • Mafians must choose one of their own to kill 1 Player outside of the Mafia -- the Mafian sent to kill dubbed the Executioner. This is mandatory. If they fail to choose anyone then Round 1 begins, but immediately ends to begin yet another 48 hour wait until Round 2


Also, if both the Special Roles & Mafians have everything they want in order before the 48 hours are over then Round 1 will begin henceforth (this is why there's an (Up-to) up there ^).


Round 1 (or #), Part 1:


Part 1 of Round 1 contains the Execution & Suspect List, and is classically called the "Night Scene" in most Mafia materials, but not really here.


When this post is made the Special Role Detective gets the results of their investigation they issued in the 48 hour wait in their Role PM. Moving on...




The Execution is the way in which Mafia exerts their power primarily. They choose who they want dead, and that person is slain... most of the time.

  • The Executioner attempts to kill a Player - of theirs or the Mafian group's choosing - outside of the Mafia, and if they're successful that Player will die and have their Role revealed
  • The Medic will attempt to protect 1 Player from Execution, but nothing happens if that person isn't targeted. However, IF they're targeted their Role is revealed, but they're not killed (they're definitely killed if the Juggernaut does the deed)

After the Execution process is finished (or it's not done at all, meaning Round 1 ends immediately) a Suspect List follows...


Suspect List:


A Suspect List is where 3 randomly chosen players, and the Executioner reside -- these people being the main suspects for who murdered the Player in the Execution. Anyone in the game can show up on the Suspect List regardless of what team they're on, with the exception of Ghosts, who do NOT appear.


Once Part 1 is posted, anyone in the game may cast however many Votes they have for 1 of the 4 Players on the Suspect List. Additionally there's 2 more options: Null is for NO ONE to die, and RNG's used to kill 1 random Player in the Suspect List.


During the time in which the Players choose who they want to die, which is around 48 hours, the Jailkeeper can remove 1 Player from the Suspect List, and that Player cannot be chosen from then on.

Suspect List Example with random names:









The process in which Players choose who they want dead on the Suspect List is known as a Lynching. The Lynch, or the eventual death of the popular choice, occurs on Round 1, Part 2 48 hours after Round 1, Part 1 was posted...


Round 1 (or #), Part 2:


As stated above, Round 1, Part 2 is posted roughly 48 hours after Part 1. Part 2 concerns the Lynching of the chosen Player to die as well as the following end of the Round.


This part of a Round is usually called the "Day Scene", and represents a convicted person being executed (not related to the Mafia) by the will of Pro-Town.


The Lynch:


A Lynch proceeds for everyone except the Don, who can weasel out of the Lynch only 1 time.


For everyone else, the person with the most votes will die. The condemned's Role will be revealed publicly, and they become a Ghost henceforth. 


If there is a tie between 2-4 people then it will revert back to a Voting list with just those people, and the voters will have to choose who to die again. If it's still a tie then RNG will choose who shall die, with the eventual result always being 1 Player to die.


End of Round 1:


After the Lynchee is taken care of, a message follows stating that Round 1 is officially over, and that a new 48 hour wait until Round 2 (or whatever Round follows) will proceed.




When Round 1, Part 2 is completed the cycle begins anew from the top, specifically at the first (Up-to) 48 hour wait. Due to Round 1 now being over Round 2 will instead approach, and the same happens yet again after 2 is over with the arrival of 3, and so on.


This cycle will repeat as long as there's Players left alive in the game. It WILL NOT end until one team stands victorious over the other, or something happens to completely derail the game... like the end of the forum or something. Don't worry too much about that. ;)




Hopefully this gave whoever's reading a basic idea of how to play Mafia, the basic Pro-Town v. Mafia approach that is. Don't be afraid to ask questions or PM me if there's still something left to be detailed. :)





(11x) Pro-Town / Townies

(Wins by killing all the Mafians)

8x Civilians

Almost powerless individually, but immensely strong together... painfully so sometimes.

  • 1 Vote per Round

1x Medic

A guardian angel who swoops in to stop an Execution, but is kinda unreliable unless directed with precision.

  • 1 Vote per Round, which is reduced to 0 if they use their power
  • Can protect 1 Player every Round from being Executed by the Mafia, but only if they target them directly. However, they cannot save a Player from a Juggernaut Executioner, which only happens 1 time
  • Cannot protect Players who refuse protection publicly in the thread. This blockage only persists so long as that Player posts a refusal every Round
  • They CAN protect themselves however, but their Vote count is not reduced to 0. However, when 2 separate Mafians have their roles publicly revealed this becomes impossible to do

1x Detective

Targets individuals like the Medic, though instead of protecting that person the Detective reveals their true identity, save for the Detective's nemesis...

  • 1 Vote per Round, which is reduced to 0 if they use their power
  • Can investigate 1 Player every Round to uncover their true role EXCEPT the Spy, who shows up as a Civilian
  • Cannot investigate Players who refuse being investigated publicly in the thread. This blockage only persists so long as that Player post a refusal every Round​

1x ​Jailkeeper

Although their methods are different than the Medic, the salvation is still the same. However, just because they saved someone doesn't mean that someone is innocent...

  • .5 Vote per Round
  • Can take 1 Player off of a Suspect List once per Round a maximum of 2 different times: including themself


(4x) Anti-Town / Mafia

(Wins by killing all the Townies)

1x Goon

A soldier for the Mafia who enforces the leadership's will.

  • 1 Vote per Round

1x Spy

Hides in plain sight within the Pro-Town legion under an alias, waiting for the moment to strike...

  • .5 Vote per Round
  • When investigated by the Detective the Spy shows up as a Civilian

1x Don

Lurks in the shadows, manipulating whoever they want at their leisure with sheer influence.

  • 2 Votes per Round: 1 in the thread, and 1 within the Mafia PM for a Player on the Suspect List separate from who they voted publicly
  • Can escape being Lynched 1 time

1x Juggernaut

A powerful bruiser hailing from harsh lands, here to bash some Pro-Town skulls in at the behest of the Mafia.

  • 1 Vote per Round
  • 2 Lives
  • If the Juggernaut is the Executioner, and whoever they're targeting is being protected by the Medic, the Juggernaut can totally ignore that protection and kill the Player. This can only be done 1 time



(Cannot win the game)

?x Ghosts

Dead men tell no tales... or do they?

  • Can assist their team even though they're still dead
  • All dead Players have .5 Votes, but cannot use their role powers


Stupid Rules:


* 1 Mafian and 3 RNG chosen Players show up per Suspect List

* You may add whoever you want to your Role PM except the Mafians, who can only add other Mafians

* Suicide is allowed

* Subterfuge - like posting edited screenshots, or claiming you're a role you're not - is allowed.

* Assisting the other team is also allowed ONLY if doing so helps your team: this includes voting for teammates, and subsequently killing them (this is a major stretch)

* Troll away

* Players who betray their own team full-throttle will be banned

* You may post whatever you like in the thread: screenshots, silly one-liners, accusations, etc. But beware: the Mods are always watching



Player List:

  1. Axilus Prime
  2. Frankenzer
  3. Drizzy_Dan
  4. Melody 
  5. Kakashi_Hatake
  6. Yang Xiao Long
  7. Church
  8. Delpen9
  9. rrhuntington
  10. Wam
  11. BATMAN
  12. Dat Boi
  13. Orlando
  14. Composite Armour
  15. Caboose The Ace

Role Status:


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