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Gamertag: FatAussieFatB0y
(The 0 is a number and not a letter)

Map Name: Holdout: Camp

​(Has been known to change back to "Town Holdout" which is the original file name)
Gamemode: Holdout (Infection)

​Description of the Map:

This is the first installment of a series of maps I like to call Holdout... In Holdout: Camp your goal is to survive the onslaught that is the Undead, however this is easier said then done so grab a friend, find somewhere to hide and Holdout...


Map Story:


​The sky is bright orange as the Sun sets over this Beautiful camp surrounded by Pine. You and your fellow companions hear something strange coming from the Food Hall based at the top of Camp, you find something to protect yourself with as it becomes clear that something isn't quite right... And Queue the Epic Music and Montage Effects...

Pictures of the Map:



















Most of the shots are cinematic and the map kind of explains it self, there is however a few things that I couldn't take a photo of and even somethings that you might of missed in the images, these include...


1. There are 3 Zip-lines, these can be seen in a few images as cables.

​2. Each cabin contains unique weapons and is surrounded with at least 1 Assault Rifle.

​3. There are waypoints that spawn above the Survivors heads every 20 seconds that show their current location.

4. Most people don't realise but the Tree House ladder is broken, so you'll need to use the rock placed nearby.


And that's the whole kit and caboodle,
I hope that you enjoy playing the gamemode as much as I did making it.

<3 FatAussieFatBoy

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Version 1.01

Hey Everyone, just a small update about the Easter Egg that was hidden on the map since release (about 3 weeks ago). I've received endless message since then asking how to do the easter egg, so to help you guys figure it out (and save my inbox from exploding), I have updated the map with invisible buttons attached to 4 dolls scattered around the map. This originally use to be secret buttons but due to the endless "do we shoot it?" Comments I figured it'd be better to set them to invisible...

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Hey Everyone, this is the new and improved update where I have completely overhauled all aspects of the map and made it more of a complete gametype.


So hold on tight as I type and you read all of the map Updates:


1. The map was deleted and rebuilt as the old map used pretty much 100% of the block budget even though it was no bigger then a 256x256 Block.

2. With a new map design comes new Gameplay so now the buildings are placed further apart making the risk/reward system a bit more intense then in the previous version.4

3. The map is currently a little laggy but I will be working on fixing that in future updates.

4. The map has Zip-Lines (Enough said)


and to be honest not much else, I know it seems like a big hype for an update but here is a image of the old map compared to the new map...






Now you should be able to tell why I'm hyped :thumbsup:

- FatAussieFatBoy

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