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Challenge your friends to a 1v1 Beer Pong Match. In this match up, we have 10 super sized party cups per side, and your unique throwing skills. 





Here is my first Halo minigame, Beer Pong. When I heard the Firefight update had party cups in forge, I set my mind to creating this map. Although it's a simple idea, the execution was not as easy as it first sounded.




First off I'd like to thank everyone who stopped by to check out my map, and give it a bookmark, or even a shout. This took loads of time actually, and I'm satisfied with how it turned out.




The way Halo 5 Beer Pong works is like normal Beer Pong, the only twist is that you get to take your partners cups away when you score on one of them. You use a color-coded identification system to know which cups your taking away. This is the only way I found the game mode would work. And yes, I tried to script removable goal pads and cups. -Yoink- it, it's fun to take away your friends cups.




Don't forget to download my 'Beer Pong' custom Game Mode as well or you're going to have a bad time. Thanks for reading and see ya guys next time. To 343: I put something for adults in your Rated T game, you mad barvos?





Play Ball. 

-AFTM Reclaimer


Follow me on Twitter @ForgeAndReclaim for my Forging Updates!



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You forgot the download links to the map and gametype

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