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Halo Survivor Immunity Icon

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Halo Survivor Immunity Icon Quest


As of this post going up, the map and gametype will be released for the Immunity Icon. Contestants should download each and then hop into a custom game alone to find the hidden object. This will take at least an hour, so feel free to come back to finding it if you don't have the time to spend. Once you find the hidden object, send me a PM here on the forums detailing what the object is and where it is (A description is preferred, but coordinates also work). The first person to correctly answer the identity and location shall earn the Immunity Icon, which will prevent the player from being voted off in a Team Council once. Should the Icon be used, that player is up for elimination again after another challenge.


Map: Journey

Gametype: Travel

Link to sikslik7's Fileshare: https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/map-variants?lastModifiedFilter=Everything&sortOrder=BookmarkCount&page=1&gamertag=sikslik7 



Follow these clue in order to find the hidden object on the map. 


 Welcome challenger, to a treasure hunt, for something that will put you in front.

 Just follow my clues, for I will not lie, but some brains you may need to apply.

 In this countryside I’ve left a clout, for it you use it, you won’t be voted out.

 Before you begin, I’ve left you a present. Why? Simply because I am a gent.

 Standing at the pedestal, look for a ball in the trees. To begin your journey, go there if you please.

 From the orb, look towards the sun, then much below it aim your gun.

 It is in your view, so travel to the lone larch, and from there, go through the arch.

 Once past the arch, go to your left. There is a challenge to test if you’re deft. 

 At the summit, the window will show, the location of the next clue, now go. 


 Now at that place, look for a second button, which should be a breeze. Now go find the rock, hidden in the trees.

 From this rock, only one building is in view. There you shall find, your next clue.

 A hidden button has now appeared, then look for the change, for its direction has been steered.

 Follow the change, and again look for a button, and once pressed, look through a rectangle to find the place next addressed.

At the place in the rectangle, look around, then follow the door, for there the next clue is in store.

 Stand at its center, and look out towards sea, the highest cliff is the key.

 From this height, don’t lose your grip, just look down to the shadow’s tip.

 Now follow the shadow’s peak, as it is the odd tree you must seek. 

 From this tree, the next place is in view. I’ll give you a hint, it has a hue. 

 Now at this place is your next clue, of where to be to start the journey anew. 


 Standing at the bottom, you see a bridge, I can only allege. Look to your left, and there is a ledge.

 At the ledge’s edge you find yourself. Look at the tallest peak, and then slowly down, to the first rock you must sneak.

 Standing on the peak of this cliff, look at the sun, then straight down, a lone rock you shall see. Go there at once, the next clue it will be.

 Crouch on the top, and look for where two peaks consult, one of a mountain, and one of Basalt.

 Standing on the closer summit, where you just stood cast your sight. Rotate left, until the left line of the wedge becomes the right.

This wedge is with you all the time, no-matter where it is you climb. 

 Now walk to the top of that large rock extension. From there the place to go is a small watery reflection.

 Follow the tracks away from where you came.  Yeah, this clue is fairly lame.

 Keep going until you find four of a kind. The one in the wrong direction you should mind.

 Stand on the flattest of the small rocks, and look towards the tower. Walk forward till you cannot despite the power.

 Now crouch in this bend, until it is negative. The next place you can see, I’m positive. 

 Once there, look to where it should target. March in that direction until you get wet. 

 Ten Steps forward is all you now need. Now the object you should take heed. 

 The on the forums, send me a message. If you answer correctly, you get the leverage.

 Tell what I have hidden and where it is seen, and I grant you your wish that this object does bring.



Good Luck and good hunting. Once the Icon is found, I will make an announcement.

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The Immunity Icon has been claimed. The player with the Immunity Icon can use it as follows.


1. When the Team Council to vote someone off happens, and before the votes are announced, you may play the Icon to grant yourself immunity in the vote. All votes cast against you are voided. However, if you have the icon and do not play it when asked (I will say something to the effect of "Before I announce the results, does anyone have an Immunity Icon they wish to play?"), votes will be counted against you.


2. You may give the Immunity Icon to another player. This can be in private or in public, but you must inform me of who you give it to. Once you give it away, it's gone, unless someone gives it to you.


3. Should you be voted off, the Icon does not transfer to another player, and is removed from the game alongside you.


4. You cannot play the Immunity Icon for another player. You may give it to them, but they must decide whether to play it or not.


5. This Immunity Icon will be void should you reach the individual competitions that the last six players will do.


6. You can lie about having (or not having) the Icon. You can publicly or privately share whether you have an icon (or lie). 


7. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.



Also, if you haven't already, try the Immunity challenge for fun. No one has been able to beat it under an hour so far. I’d like to see a new record.


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Can I pay you to give it to me? Permanently of course.

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Can I pay you to give it to me? Permanently of course.

You better ask ShadowFiend,because he's the one who found it.

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