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To Be Determined Leader (TBDL) is looking for new members

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Hello, my name is TBDL x Knight and I am the Vice President of TBDL (To Be Determined Leader) We are a Military clan for Halo Reach. We have been in the Halo community overall for just over 8 years, I personally have been in the Halo community for just over 5 years. We are looking for new members, if you are interested in joining, make sure to read the training section and look on the contact page.




Many people who join us ask what types of training we do and why, so before you decide to join I want to answer those two questions that we are commonly asked.


*Basic Training - Used to explain the rules and get you used to how our clan works

*SOI Training - Your basic combat skills and some extra tweaks such as "Covering and Maneuvering" which is used in raid tactics

*Raid Training - This teaches how to serpentine, how to climb all of the mountains, how to break into a base and how to lock one down once inside

*Specialists Training - This covers the advanced stuff that you would have never thought about such as "Teleporter Gapping"


Contact Us


Xbox - TBDL x Frost - CZAR

Xbox - TBDL x Knight - Vice President & Website Recruiter

Xbox - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General & 3rd in Command


Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>

Email - [email protected]


Or just simply reply to this topic and include your gamertag

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