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TBDL, what does it stand for? 


TBDL Stands for "To Be Determined Leader"




If you are looking for a Military based clan for Halo: Reach, I may be able to help you out.  My name is TBDL X KNIGHT and I am the Vice President for TBDL.  TBDL has been in the Halo community for over 8 years.  I have personally been in the Halo community for 5 years.  We are looking for new members because we want to start up on Halo: Reach again.  Some of you may know us by the name of Dominion Republic.  Dominion Republic was what our name was last year on Halo: Reach, we were very successful and soon after became mercenaries; now wanting to start up our clan again. 




The rules are very simple, just simply keep your armor on during training, don't cause drama, don't try to skip ranks (it won't work, we are very organized) and make sure to pay attention. We don't ask much other than try your best to ace our training, we try to reach above all.  Whilst we were mercenaries, we went into a lot of other clans to see how they operate so we could do better.  A few names include Exodus, UUF, USR, URDF




Enlisted>Recruit (When you first join) Septant (When you pass boot camp) Septant 3rd Class (When you complete SOI 1&2) Septant 2nd Class (When you complete SOI 3) Septant 1st Class (Requires Completion of Boot Camp, and Completion of SOI training) Senior Septant -

Master Septant - Chardarsman - Chardarsman 2nd Class - Chardarsman 1st Class - Staff Chardarsman (Leadership School I Beginning)

Master Chardarsman (Leadership School I Completion, Leadership School II Beginning) Head Chardars Command (Leadership School I & II Completion, Leadership School III Beginning (0/1 Slots Taken))


Officer>Legiment (Leadership School I, II, III Completion) Legiment Specialist - Merchant -  Merchant Specialist - Senior Merchant - Legionary - Legionary Specialist - Journeyman - Journeyman Specialist - General (2/4 slots taken) - CZAR (Unreachable)





Xbox Live - TBDL X KNIGHT - Vice President

Xbox Live - xXUnl0ckingXx - 1st General


Kik - Itzknight - Vice President


Email - [email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script> - Vice President

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