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Hello, my name is TBDL X KNIGHT and I am the Vice President of TBDL, a Military based clan on Halo: Reach.  We have been in the community for a good 8 years. I personally have been in the community for 5 years.  TBDL is looking for some new members because we want to get back in the action.  We do training everyday and hope for people to show up.  The types of training we do include the following:


- Team Tactical

- Raid Training (Consists of a focus on our formations on how to enter a base, how to serpentine, how to avoid being seen from certain distances, how to cover fire, how to work with teammates, how to communicate, and what to do in a certain situation)

- SOI (Consists of the basics, firing ranges, tactic learning, call-outs, roles, commands, lines, and formations)


RESTRICTIONS:The only restrictions we have are focused on the uniform.  You have to have the emblem, colors we assign you, and a service tag that represents a nickname we can call you.


RANKS:<Enlisted Ranks> Recruit - Septant 3rd, Septant 2nd, Septant 1st, Senior Septant - Master Septant - Chardarsman - Chardarsman 2nd - Chardarsman 1st - Staff Chardarsman - Master Chardarsman - Head Chardars Command (Max of 1) <Officer Ranks> Legiment - Legiment Specialist - Merchant - Merchant Specialist - Senior Merchant - Legionary - Legionary Specialist - Journeyman - Journeyman Specialist - General (Max of 4) - Vice - CZAR


CONTACT US:1st General:xXUnl0ckingXx - Vice President:TBDL X KNIGHT - CZAR:TBDL X FROST

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