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war zone free pack's

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I own the halo 5 xbox one it came with code that give's me 2 free war zone pack's every week as long as I have gold my'n gold expish's on the 16th well halo 5 is saying I don't have gold and is not giving me my war zone pack's ween I stell have gold tell the 16th of this month this is mest up im getting gold on the 4th but my gold dose not run out tell the 16th and halo 5 wont give me my free pack's do to it saying I don't have gold ween I do tell the 16th place's fix your **** 343 .

iv post it about this on my youbute if you don't like it too bad fix's your bug's I post bug's on my youtube and about player's that lie about other's and that cheat .

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1. Use punctuation in your writing, makes things a lot easier to read.

2. We aren't the official 343i so we can't do more than give advise.

3. What type of gold card did you redeem/buy? For trial gold cards aren't really Gold member subsriptions. So maybe that's why it went wrong?

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