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This military base is a safe hold and training ground for Spartans. This map is located on a distant arctic planet with perilous drop offs that only the most daring Spartans dare to reside here.

There is two bases and towers wrapping around a yard full of bunkers. The rockets in the center are easily combated with alternating damage boost and oversheilds in opposite towers. Master Chief had a short stay on his way to Earth after destroying the first Halo ring. He left a present in the wings of the map for future Spartans, but the recipients must be frugal as there is only one clip left.

Training on this map is set up for both Slayer and Capture the Flag. It will hold between 2-8 players, but is best for 2v2.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you stay aware of your surroundings? Or, will you succumb to the perils of The Ice Pick...



Players: 2-8 (ideal for 2v2 and 3v3)


Gametypes: Slayer and CTF


Weapons: Rocket Launcher, DMR Battle Rifle, SMG, H1 Pistol, Storm Rifle, Suppressor


Grenades: Plasma, frag, Splinter


Power ups: Overshield, Damage boost (They spawn on opposite towers a minute apart. Overshield spawns first on the red tower.)


Canvas: Glacier


I need to edit the post so the images show up. How do I do that?

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Unfortunately I couldn't edit those pics for you. the easier way to attach images is to use the flash uploader at the bottom of the page when you are posting which I just realized you won't be able to see because you can't edit...

So here's my suggestion: 


Make another submission post copy and pasting this info you've written in this thread to that one, use the flash uploader attachment system, and then report this thread for deletion when you're done. It's not as long a process as it sounds.

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